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All In One Widget

Features :-

This "All In One Widget" is having following Useful Calculators and Utilities :- ✤ Loan EMI Amortization ✤ TD Calculator ✤ Crorepati Calculator ✤ RD Calculator ✤ Currency Converter ✤ Unit Converter ✤ VAT Calculator ✤ Credit Card Pay Off Calculator ✤ Return on Stock Calculator ✤ Additional EMI Return Calculator ✤ Fuel & Travel Cost Calculator ✤ Time Speed Distance Calculator ✤ Accounting Ratio Formulas ✤ Depreciation Calculator ✤ Hotel Eating Cost Calculator ✤ Age Right Now Calculator ✤ Percentage/Discounted Value Calculator ✤ Square Root / Power of Number ✤ Calorie Calculator ✤ Health Tips ✤ Calorie Calculator ✤ Depression Cures ✤ Doctor You Need ✤ Minerals & Health ✤ Vitamins & Health ✤ Banking Abbreviations ✤ Home Remedies ✤ English Confusing Words ✤ English One Word ✤ International Days & Gita's Quotes

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