New TaxCalculator FY 17-18
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PPF Calculator - Calculate PPF Interest. It facilitates to check the intt. earning on deposits made upto or after 5th day of the Month. It displays prevailing rates of Interest year-wise. Last PPF intt. rate changed @7.8% w.e.f. 01.07.17
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  1. Crorepati Calculator

    It Calculates what should be your monthly Savings to become a Crorerpati

  2. Currency Converter

    TThis is a Currency converter widget. In just one click covert any currency rates from one to another & vice versa as per latest available rates

  3. US Dollar Currency Conversion Rates

    This widget displays one US Dollar live currency converter latest rate and currency movement graph of British Pound, EURO, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar & Chinese Yuan

  4. EURO Currency Conversion Rates

    This widget displays one EURO live currency converter latest rate and currency movement graph of British Pound, US Dollar, Australian Dollar, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupee, Canadian Dollar, South African Rand, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Chinese Yuan

  5. US Inflation Calculator

    The US Inflation Calculator measures the buying power of the dollar over time for year 1913 to 2013. It calculates annual Rate of Inflation over years 1913 to 2013.

  6. Recurring Deposit Calculator

    This widget calculates maturity value of a Recurring Deposit with Year wise maturity of amount

  7. Loan Amortization Calculator

    This Gadget displays Loan Amortization Calculator, Loan EMI calculation, Loan EMI comparison from 8% to 15% rate of interest for 60 to 300 months; Loan EMI ticker, Loan EMI chart, Loan EMI comparison

  8. Credit Card Debt Free pay off & months Calculator
    In English & French Language

    This widget calculates total amount pay off to debt free and period in months

  9. Loan Amortization & NSE Rates

    This widget displays Loan EMI, Loan Amortization of principal-interest paid over a term period of loan. It also displays live live NSE stock /share rates

  10. Hotel Lunch Save Calculator

    It calculates savings of eating lunch or dinner at Hotel or Restaurant once or regularly in a month. Know the amount of money value over a period of time of such eating at Hotel or Restaurant

  11. Calculations   Made   Easy   Calculator

    This widget made easy calculations viz. 1. Instantly all results in one screen of sum, difference, multiplications, division & percentage of your inputs . 2. VAT Calculator. 3 Calculates loan EMI, Interest and total payments. 4. Debt Investment calculator - calculates investment & ROI by increase of additional EMI of your loan/debt. 5. Smart calculator for daily needs calculating. 6. Get trigonometry values of your input. 7. In one screen use Length & Weight Convertor. 8. Calculate instantly square root & power of your inputs

  12. Long Term Capital Gain Calculator

    This Gadget displays Calculation of capital gain on cost Inflation Index for the purpose of computing Long Term Capital Gain, calculates indexation cost From FY 1980-81 to FY 2012-13 for calculation capital gain

  13. Short Term Capital Gain Calculator

    This Gadget displays short Term Capital Gain Tax Calculations and calculates short term capital gain, calculate short term capital gain tax. Short term capital gain tax arises on stock sold with in 12 months. Calculate here STCG FY 2011-12, STGC AY 2012-13

  14. Business Calculator - Currency Convertor, Vat And Loan EMI Calculator

    This widget displays three calculators in one widget which auto calculates currency conversion as per current rates of all currencies to other currency and also facilitates to display reverse rates of currency conversion in just one click. Second Calculator calculates VAT calculations it displays calculations of VAT amount and provides option to calculate product cost inclusive of VAT or without VAT. The third calculator calculates loan EMI - Loan Amortization periodicity.

  15. India Stock Market Watch - Nifty & Sensex

    This widget displays Sensex and nifty closing last five trading day, live NSE rates, Gold-Silver rates, You can view sensex-nifty history closing from June 2010.

  16. Live Share trading rates with graph

    This widget displays Share Trading Rates of 60 plus shares in a Single click with intraday trading graph with live updates of intraday Sensex & Nifty movement

  17. Banking Abbreviations Words Widget

    This widget displays List of 629 Banking Abbreviations words