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PPF Calculator - Calculate PPF Interest. It facilitates to check the intt. earning on deposits made upto or after 5th day of the Month. It displays prevailing rates of Interest year-wise. Last PPF intt. rate changed @7.8% w.e.f. 01.07.17
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  1. Vitamins & Health

    This Gadget displays role in body of the selected Vitamin and its foods sources.

  2. Minerals & Health

    This Gadget displays role in body of the selected Mineral and its foods sources.

  3. Food Calorie Calculator

    This widget calculates Food Calorie of units of food item selected

  4. Home Remedy For Common Ailments

    This Gadget displays Home Remedies for Common Remedy of Acidity, Acne, Baldness, Blackheads, Cholesterol high, Cold, Constipation, Cough, Dehydration, Dandruff, Jaundice, Joint pains (arthritis, rheumatism, gout), Obesity, Piles, Stomach heaviness, Tooth, yellow, Vomiting and Nausea, Wrinkles & Bed Sores

  5. Depression - Yogic & Dietary Cures

    This gadget displays What is Depression ? Yogic & Dietary Cures for Depression plus tips to prevent it. Matsyasana or fish pose, Balasana or child's pose, Sarvangansana or Shoulder Stand. Benefits of yoga, remedy & cure of depression is pranayam & meditation .

  6. Know Your Food's Nutrition Value for Balanced Diet

    This Gadget displays:- 1. Calorie Calculator - Energy that we get from the food we eat is measured in calories. We need some high-calorie food for energy, but if we eat too much our body store the extra as fat. Food energy is expressed in calories or joule

    2. Carbohydrate Calculator - Select Food & Enter Qty The body uses carbohydrates directly from the monosaccharide glucose. Energy is derived from glucose by the splitting of the glucose molecules into smaller compounds and oxidizing these to form water, which frees quite a large amount of energy. Carbohydrates Provide Fuel for the Central Nervous System and fuel for the Muscular System.

    3. Vitamins Role in our Body and its Fodd Sources

  7. The Doctor You Need
    Common Medical Lab Tests

    This Gadget displays Common Medical Lab Tests like Hepatitis - A, B, C, Liver Function Tests - SGOT, SGPT, Cholesterol etc, Doctor Specialties like Cardiologist, Neurologist, Hematologist & lots more with terms used as Medical Specialties