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World's 8 Cities Live Current Time
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  1. International Days-World Days-National Days

    This Widget is availble in three languages English & French which displays observances of International Days, World Days, National Days, Mother Day, Father Day, National-International celebration of days, Mother-in-law Day, Daughter Day, Special Day, Cancer Day, Valentine Day, UNICEF Day.

  2. English Grammar: Confusing Words

    This Gadget displays understand and use of Confusing Words, words of similar pronunciation and it helps in to understand Word Meaning and Vocabulary Enhancer

  3. English Grammar-One Word Substitution

    This Gadget displays One Word Substitution of many words or phrases. It helps in Vocabulary Enhancer.

  4. English Grammar: Use of Prepositions

    This Gadget displays Preposition Uses with Examples, Verb followed by certain prepositions, Preposition of Place & Preposition of time

  5. English Grammar: Active to Passive Voice Uses

    This Gadget displays understand and use of Active voice to Passive voice. Passive voice formation rule of tense wise - Simple Present, Simple Past, Present Continuous, Past Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Perfect, Future Perfect and Modals - Present, Past & Future Tense

  6. Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys

    This widget displays Microsoft Excel Shortcut Keys Listing & Shortcuts of Function Keys for working in MS excel easily promptly. This widget also provides users to switch to three colors (Blue, Black & Blue) in just one click.

  7. Currency & languages of 193 Countries of World

    This Gadget displays Currency & languages of 193 Countries of World, Country Name, Country Languages, Country Currency, Smart Cool Digital Clock

  8. French Words & Their English Meaning

    This widget displays most common French Words with their English meaning which helps users or visitors of your site in French to English translation(Ce widget affiche les plus courantes Mots franšais avec leur signification anglaise qui aide les utilisateurs ou les visiteurs de votre site en franšais vers l'anglais)