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Understand Your Husband - Page 1

For a Happy Family


Types of Husbands

No one is expert you may or may not agree with it. No husband can be in one category for too long he can go up or down depending on his interactions with his family, friends or colleagues.

Now a day, when husbands and wives spend more time together, new equations are developing. This has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Have Confidence in Your Husband

Do you want to be a good wife? Have confidence in your husband. If you don't have confidence in him, no one else will have confidence in him. Sooner or later you will be in trouble. With confidence in him, you will be able to empower him. Become his biggest fan, his cheerleader.

Help him to develop contacts. Networking. You don't have to become a social butterfly but be a good secretary to your husband. In times ahead it can be that your husband may lose his job or business. Encourage him to hone his skills in addition to networking. Encourage him to exceed his targets and don't nag him.

Thank God for Giving You a Romantic Husband

Don't be surprised if your husband becomes more and more romantic as the years go by. It may be due to the movies, books, friends, reflections of others life/society.

Go along with him. Be his partner in his dreams. Don't let inhibitions get in your way. Talk, walk together. Think. Understand.

Become his friend. Make him your world. Do your homework to talk with him intelligently, which will make him to think.

Develop good listening skills. Become his sounding board. Become his consultant, become his "mother"!

Truth of Marriage

Each one of us has a goal to be happy in life. I sincerely believe that you should get your happiness out of your work or you will never know what happiness is.

If you want to make your husband happier, make yourself happy first. If you are a housewife, learn to enjoy your household chores. If you are a working woman start liking your own work, and in any case make sure your husband likes his work. Your interest in his work can make a big difference for him. Once you start taking interest intelligently, you will be happier with his work and happier with his work, and happier with you!

Remember, when someone loves what he or she does for a living, it will not remain only work but will become work-cum-play.

Think about it, talk about it... together. In the end you will be a happier, more satisfied.