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Understand Your Husband - Page 2

Stay Away from Temptations

Remember the Ramayana episode of Sita who intended to have the dear in the jungle and asked Rama & Lakshman to catch it for her. Think it in today's context, that Sita must have nagged Rama long enough to agree him knowing fully well about the consequences may arise. It is true when the greed starts in our lives, even the Lakshman Rekha won't work and we try to find the ways to justify unnecessarily our greed.

Ladies only you can decide how you want to live- to need or greed, while need can be met, greed never. Your role is to help your husband to find relaxation, not an escape from you - home - togetherness. You have to teach him to enjoy what both of you already have. Encourage your husband to share his concern with you. You both must have a common goal to be happy in life together.

You Can Make Your Husband a Lion or a Mouse

Now, if you think your husband is a pygmy, you can be sure he will become one over the years. Your opinion of your husband influences his behaviour -- especially in your presence.

If you think he is a lion he will become one. And if you think he is a mouse, he will become that too! You decide what kind of husband you want.

"Small actions can have large consequences - for better or worse." Believe me; it is so true that it is not funny. Don't go by physical height/body structure, it is deceptive.

When Your Husband Gives You a Flower

A husband who gives a flower to his wife as soon as he gets up. And the wife says, "What are you doing at your age? What will the children think? Why not offer these to God/Bhagwanjee"

Well if you are a wife like this, think twice. Erase the mental tape which gives you such thoughts. Instead say a warm thank you, and offer a one minute silent prayer to God for giving you such a good husband. Appreciate any gesture from your husband. Don't think of such things as your right, but as the bonuses of life. You will then have an even better husband.

When Your Husband Comes Home

When your husband comes home from the office, for the sake of your own happiness don't throw tantrums. Nothing is important enough at this time to prevent you from receiving him with a smile on your lips, a twinkle in your eye, a nice cup of coffee/tea and thanks in your heart that your husband has come home. Grow up and learn to solve your own problems instead of telling him about the silly little difficulties of the day.

A good wife is the one who kills "mosquitoes" herself and only asks her husband to kill the tigers-and that too, only after he has fully rested.

Make it a rule not to tell him anything unpleasant immediately when he arrives. The heavens won't fall! Remember Kaikeyi and Urmila-which one would you like to be?