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Understand Your Husband - Page 3

Don't Shout at Your Husband

Your husband can fight the world but not your tana bana. He becomes a cow (bheegi billi) when you start shouting and getting upset. He wants peace of mind when he comes home and, therefore, he tries very hard not to retaliate, and to accept insults and humiliations. Do a self-audit every suitable time (preferably once a week) and reflect on how you behaved during the week. Plan to improve yourself on Saturday/Sunday. To err is human to forgive and to improve is human too!

Reserve some Special time for your Husband

If possible on Sunday, do only what you both have wanting to do together. You take the lead. Set the pace. You are his boss/secretary/heart. Learn to enjoy the simple pleasure of life. Discus with him and clear the misunderstandings and be Good Wife.

If you have a lazy Husband

If you a lazy husband, rejoice. And start enjoying life as it comes. Don't compare your husband with other husbands. It would not help, but will only make you unhappy. Think, Lazy people have never done any harm to anybody as they cannot do anything.

If you have problematic Husband

For such cases talk to a close and wise friend and find a good solution instead of just complaining about the problem.

You may be puzzled by your husband's attitude and behaviour. You may be using the usual solutions-nagging, getting angry, throwing tantrums, shouting, and bickering. This is not the way of looking the solution of the problem.

Most of the wives start blaming others-including his mother for raising him badly! The fact is, there is no outsider! It is you and he who have created a problem and only both of you can solve it.

Don't Be a Foolish Wife

Do you have a husband who is a nervous wreck? Jealous? Stressful? Many husbands get into grooves such as thinking that life is unfair to them, worrying, being stressful, afraid nervous and so on. They develop phobias about being sick, about being discriminated against. They are sure that everything is against them.

You are the one who can surely help your husband the most if he is in this condition. Become his friend. Become his mother. Surely it will help a lot in the situation.

Talk to true close people (your husband also respect him) and take steps with humble & right manner. Success will eventually be yours if you have a focused mind.

An Honest Husband made Dishonest by His Wife

There are number of cases that demands of wives increasing for show up of life in comparison of standard of living of other wives or families which creates disturbances in the happy married life of the husband-wife and family. There are number of true stories that an honest husband made dishonest by the nature of wife. If you want to make your married life happy one, always tell truth, and always help your husband to remain truthful and honest if it means living with less or without luxury.