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Understand Your Husband - Page 4

Made for Each Other. Is it Possible?

Feel yourself and make to feel your husband that you both are made for each other. It is important to be successful in marriage life than in your job or business. A wife, being a more complete person, should walk towards the goal of happiness of the family. Mark all the birthdays and anniversaries of family members and friends on a calendar or planner. Become his secretary and remind him to wish the family members to get close relationship with family members in the happy moments and have fun together instead of creating scene.

Husbands and wives, after awhile, sit on different horses- this is a fact... If you both are traveling in different directions! Stop all this. Kill your ego (ahanker) and run by his side, his direction - in the end you will never regret it.

Audit Your Friends

Think about your friends, advisors or consultants and keep on testing them in your mind. Kitty or Kirtan parties are okay, but do you share your inner thoughts with all or a few of them. Are they like Kakai (a character of Ramayana) or Karna (a character of Mahabharta)? Is their advise or suggestion is doing nourishment of your EGO or something to make your marriage/family life happier. So please keep on auditing your friends/near and dear whom you share your inner thoughts.

If Your Husband Is the Stressful Type

You and only you can surely help your husband to reduce stress and worry. Not overnight anything can happen so remember the story of tortoise and hare, the slower wins the race.

Same in real life there are no quick fix solutions of the problem or to relieve the stress of your husband. Therefore, find out what is eating your husband and you will have to peel off the layers like an onion that causing stress; one by one. Get to the heart of the problem. Take your time to understand him and his past and present and the future. Find out about his failures -in job, business, relationship and other activities those little matters which he has magnified many times over.

Encourage and help him to take action -bit by bit again and again like a tortoise Remember your efforts be of such manner that it does not further magnify stress of your husband.

If your husband is Fond of Eating

You can look your husband with your eyes, ears, nose, head and heart. Too often other women's husband, you visualize them to be "Ram Avatar" an ideal man.

Ladies please, let your husband have fun; let him eat to his heart' content. Yes, it may not good for him for his health, But then your "concern" is ten times harmful to his self esteem and self respect so try to make him think that eating in such manner or such particular item is not good for his health and their happy marriage life. Don't' nag but take your time to think of creative ways to improve his eating habits.

If your Husband smokes like a Chimney

Smoking is not only bad but it is very bad. Stress, drinking, over eating and smoking are vicious circles. You can do start reverse thinking and focus on the roots of the problems and tackle them one by one.

Keep on reminding him the signals that may arise of smoking in their life and show your concerns with your love and affection. Also make him to feel that smell and smoke causing headache and stress to her also and it may effect to the health of their kids. If the mood and situation allows then ask your husband how you would feel when you know or see that their child has started smoking and when you are also not quitting this habit would you be able to say that it is bad habit. Please be careful to solve the problem and don't create the scene everyday.