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Understand Your Husband - Page 5


If your Husband is Fond of the Bottle

Drinking by itself is not bad. But it is surely is a bad habit and debit entry into your husband's health account. Don't make him feel bad all over and lose his self esteem.

Look for fundamental problems. Then find simple solutions. Ignore the obvious solutions. Sometime the solutions are very easy and in our hand i.e. your true love and affection and moreover humbly with love shown your concern of his health family environment changing due to his drinking habit may feel him to change in the times to come. Again, don't create the scene everyday.

Respect your in laws For Happy Moments

Any good husband should consider it a treasure of life when he sees his wife takes care of his parents. Every individual like to give respect to his parents and when a wife respects husband's parents and love them he feels inner happiness. It is blissful and blissful situation.

Involve your Husband & help him to Discipline the Children

Your husband may be confused and cannot take small decisions don't throw tantrum. The reason may be outside job/business long working hours or stress.

Gently make him understand that finding a balance between work and family is a number one priority. We live only one life, not two separate lives (work and family). Therefore involve your husband to share time by setting goals for him to spend time with children before sleep, on Sunday with the children in the park or any happy moment where family can enjoy and feel oneness. This way you will be solving tomorrow's problems.

Treat your Husband as a Maharaja

Make it a goal in your life for the sake of happiness, to make your husband happy and contended so that he can face the world with confidence and feeling to do well for the society we live in.

Treat him like a Maharaja then it is more likely that he will treat you like a Queen of his dreams.

Remember that every successful man, there is a wife not with a 'knife' in her hand, but a supporting hands on his back. Do this and feel they happy moments. Decide not to create the scene to magnify the small problems.

Adopt Mantra for Healthy Family

Look after your own health as well as the health of your husband and children. Ill health of any member of your family can cause much worry to both of you and unhappiness.

Join your husband in a brisk walk every morning/evening. Have yoga and Pranayam with your husband. Make his mind to go for regular check ups to the doctor. Prefer to eat a meal prepared at home which is cleaner, fresh and also good for health.

Keep in mind that you both are likely to live long together and therefore you must plan for your twilight years.

Don't Take Your Husband for Granted

Don't take your relationship with your husband for granted. Think of all the good times you and he have spent together. Never let him feel that you have no time for him now with the children to look after and the household chores to be done.

Don't; nag him. Don't shout. Don't talk about household problems when he is in a hurry.

Ask him about his difficulties and his achievements. Let him feel relaxed and wanted. Let him also talk and you listen. Only you can make your husband feel great.