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For a Happy Family


Your Wife

If not 100% then roughly 95% of husband on this planet has the common problem that his wife is never remains happy all the times with the present situations of life of her husband.

The idea of making your wife happy is a very challenging one. Remember that Raja Dashratha's two promises to his wife Kaikeyi landed him into lot of problems (Dharam Sankat). Lord Rama also found himself involved in a long battle just because of fulfillment of Sita's intends to catch the dear.

Many husbands feel that it is almost impossible to make one's wife happy. Is Almighty God has programmed our minds against it or a few husbands are so lucky that he can even feel that his wife is happy and understands him all through the way in which his life is passing day by day.

Husbands for you some ways to make your wife happy are placed here

Agree with your Wife

Managing and making your wife happy is an art and not a science. If it were a science, a rich man has all resources to buy and a scientist should never have been unhappy wife, but the fact is absolutely otherwise. That's why it an art and another true fact of married life.

The big art is to agree with your wife and your life will be much simpler and happier and less stressful. Give ample time to her to plan the party and consult her before calling people it means a lot to her.

Do Whatever Wife Says

To make your wife happy make common sense your best friend and do things on priority what she says. Every morning ask your wife if there are any odd jobs you can do for her and realize her that you care. Keep your pad 'Do It Now' always ready for family members to write down what your wife asked you to do.

Admit your mistakes Gracefully

It is easy to say that in married life between husband and wife it hardly matters who is right and wrong because eventually both get hurt. If wife reciprocates occasionally by saying/realizing sorry it is the rarest case. So you learn to say sorry - when it is your fault and even when it is not your fault for the happier moments of the married life. Mistakes are the best teachers; therefore learn from every incident which makes your wife unhappy. For instance the reasons of being unhappy could have been due to visualization of other husband's nature different from your nature and her feeling of boredom due to your involvement in urgent office work. Make your habit to feel sorry and admit your mistakes gracefully to make her happy.