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Understand Your Wife Page 2

For a Happy Family

Come Home with a Smiling face

This is true that when you laugh the world laughs with you and when you weep, you weep alone. Make a rule of life to come home with a smiling face. You wife may not be able to solve your silly problems; so why come home with a grouchy face. Remember that your wife will be unhappy to see you the whole family awaiting you also be unhappy as you enter in the home. It might be also that she will make it worse for you due to one or many reasons.

Also remember that a smile is inexpensive way to improve your looks and bring happiness in your married life and family member's life.

Take Decisions Quickly When Your Wife Asked For It

Most of the wives daily problem is what to cook for dinner or which saree to wear. It might be unimportant to you but is extremely important to her. So tell her with love make whatever she can prepare according the time and her health/exertion taking care into and that may be also asked that prepare what she has not prepared since long. Your decision her counts the happiness of the family and she will become happy and she will prepare what she has already planed for that day.

She cares so much for you and she does not want you to eat potatoes for dinner if she had potatoes for lunch. So always be ready to help her whenever your wife is in need to take decision and appreciate your wife's effort and see what a difference it makes for your happy married life.

Think as Your Wife is

If you have not thought earlier then start thinking that your wife is a very good wife, a very good mother, a very good daughter-in law, and if you keep on thinking that way she will turn into all the things you imagine her to be. It might be that she will not need to buy saree or jewelry for her. All is needed to use your golden tongue to recognize her work with your mind in the right gear. You will find that your wife is already in the same direction as you have thought. Your realization & recognition of her true involvement in family matters and her concerns about you make her happier and your married life will be quite happier.

Accepted Universal Truth

It may be true that it is a an universal truth that generally wife remains happy when she is appreciated for what ever she does and the husband who are very normal by nature avoids to appreciate unnecessary for the common daily activities; as he also does for the family but never expect any kind of appreciation. It is also may be true that when the husband points out even once any wrong thing observed whereas ignoring most of the time; the wife that also does not like why she has been pointed out for this. Moreover when the husband praises whatever the wife wears she becomes very happy and if the husband likes that such type of cloth be avoided the wife feels very bad and says when other ladies wears your view are different and you are not concerned with what I likes; see other ladies are also wearing such type of clothes and their husband never pointed out. However, who knows the situation of the other husband may be more worse.

So, to be happy in your life appreciate your wife whatever she does for family, if she gets up at 5 A.M. to prepare breakfast for you and your children, appreciate her that I am so happy that I married you whereas many wives do not get up early in the morning and her children and husband are always late comer in school and office and moreover without breakfast and lunch and they have to go canteen. I thank God for such a caring wife I have.

It is rightly said that Don't be miser and be generous with admiration and appreciation to your wife for happy family otherwise the situation can be imagined with the normal man's life living with full of stress and strain without any complaints.