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Understand Your Wife Page 5

For a Happy Family


True Wife Wants Time With Her, Not Expensive Gifts

Experiences shows that wife needs more time of husband because all the day she has to tolerate small irritations from the children and household chores. She keeps on accumulating such instances and as soon as you come lat from your office she explodes everything on you. Ignore such outbursts. with keep in mind that pressure cooker pressure releases it self within a short while and let her to cool down and try to solve the situation with spending time with her; at his juncture she needs your smile and appreciation not any expensive gift to release her routine strain of life.

Relax When Your Wife Shout at You

Every wife knows that you are the only person in the world who will listen this time and each time without any cause. So all the husband for the sake of their happy life just relax even when your wife shouts at you and praise her that you looks more beautiful when you are angry and I love your anger also.

Don't Expect Thanks

Whenever & whatever you do any minor or big things for your wife and children do it with your inner joy of giving happiness to them as it is your prime duty without expecting any kind of thanks from them. However feel and express your thanks to your wife, your children or your family member for whatever they do for you it will make the family happy and the days to come will be more happier for both of you.

Happiness For A Life time - Without you I Am No More

If you (husband) want happiness for a lifetime you should learn to love with your wife, every minute. Learn to show is more important that you love your wife. Tell her specifically that you love her. Even tell her parents/brother/sister that you care & love her so much and also tell them without her you are no more .

Also romance of a happy family continues as long as the husband performs the little acts that he offered to do in the happy days of relationship and as long as the wife acknowledges these acts with grace & love.

Keep in mind also the following experiences for lifetime happiness