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Dietary Supplements and Dos and Don'ts for losing weight

Dietary Supplements

  • Choosing a multivitamin as you get older - Because diets of older adults are often short in more than one vitamin and mineral under strict recommendations of your doctor.
  • Check the iron content of Dietary Supplements - Some studies suggest that excess iron can raise the risk of heart disease and colon cancer for women beyond menopause, it is wise to consult your doctor.
  • Get sufficient vitamin D - This helps the body to absorb calcium and it is essential to maintain proper bone strength.
  • Herbal supplements - Because of the limited regulation on herbal supplements, be cautious about safety and effectiveness its uses and also tell your doctor if you are using herbal products. Ask about is there any toxic chemicals in the contents, that may cause liver disease, lung problems and chronic disease especially with long-term use.

Dos and Don'ts for losing weight

  • Don't skip meals - During the day when you are active, your body needs maximum calories and nutrients. Missed meals may result in an unhealthy diet and may increase your risk of obesity. Eating low calorie meals at fairly regular times may help more.
  • Limit meat consumption - Meat is a major source of fat.
  • Exercise regularly - Any exercise burns calories. To promote weight loss from body fat, exercise at a moderate intensity.
  • Drink water - Drinking water with your meal can help fill you up.