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Doctor-Patient Relationship

  • Make the best use of a short time that you have for your appointment with your doctor - First know your own and your family's medical history and be prepared to discuss them in details with your doctor.
  • Bring someone along with you to the doctor if you feel comfortable - An extra set of ears can help much. Someone else may help think of additional questions or help you understand instructions of your doctor.
  • Bring a list of concerns - once you are in the doctors clinic, it is easy to forget health issues you want to discuss. A list will jog your memory, keep it in brief. Include only issues of primary concern.
  • Bring your medications - Show your doctor all your medications in their original bottles so your doctor can see the dosage and salt/types of drugs you have taken previously.
  • Your doctor needs facts on which to base an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan - If you have questions or doubts about your diagnosis or treatment, express them and clear it.
  • To get 100 percent benefit - Follow your doctors advice
  • In case you think you may forget the doctor's advice, ask your doctor to list-out the main points you discussed and may request for written instructions of precautions.
  • Be sure you know why a medical test is recommended.
  • Tell your doctor the financial restraints if any for buying a certain medication, doctor may recommend of a less expensive generic medication that will work just as well.