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Safety and First Aid

How to prevent falls - Many older adults who are hospitalized for a fall never regain their former level of independence. It is one of the biggest fears you may have about ageing. Falling is one of the most common aging problem in family.

Fall prevention checklist at your home:

  • Keep electrical cords and furniture out of walking paths in rooms.
  • Fasten carpets to the floor with tape or tacks.
  • Stairways -Make sure that stairways are well lighted with sturdy handrails.
  • Bathrooms - Install grab handles and nonskid mats inside and just outside your shower and tub and near the toilet. Shower chairs and bath benches minimize the risk of falling.
  • Kitchens - Make easy to use and to reach shelves. Never stand on a chair. Wipe up spills immediately.
  • Bedrooms - Put a light switch by the door and by your bed so you Don't have to walk across the room to turn on a light.

Save your back - Work without bending over and don't lift oversized/overweight packages.

Treating wounds like from stepping on a nail, animal or human bite seek medical attention right away. Immediately.

  • Clean the wound under running water to help remove debris and bacteria. After cleaning the wound apply a thin layer of an antibiotic cream or ointment such as Neosporin (or consult Doctor) it may discourage infection and if a rash appears stop using and report to the doctor.
  • See your doctor if the wound doesn't heal or if you notice redness, drainage, warmth or swelling.
  • Keep record of tetanus shots taken.

Dos and Don'ts for minor burns

  • Hold the burned area under cold running water for about 15 to 20 minutes. If impractical, immerse the burn in cold water or cover it with cold compresses.
  • Don't put ice directly on the burn
  • Putting ice directly on a burn can cause frostbite and further damage your skin.
  • Once a burn is completely cooled, apply an ointment to soothe the area and prevent dryness.
  • Keep handy the numbers of emergency services, such as your doctor, fire department and police, next to your phone and stay calm, speak slowly and clearly when describing the incident. Be exact about your location, name, phone number, address and directions including landmarks.