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Common Healthy Tips for All

  • Did you know most of the fibre in fruit is in its peel? Select fresh fruits which need not be peeled & can be eaten after a good wash.
  • Dip a clean cloth in luke-warm water, squeeze the water out & place the napkin on your eyes. This will relieve stressed eyes.
  • Make sure your diet is rich in fruits, vegetables& fiber but low in saturated fat for a healthy heart.
  • Bitter gourd (Karela) juice is beneficial remedy for diabetics. Having raw juice daily improves blood glucose tolerance in non-insulin dependents.
  • Brighten up lunch time for your kids in family while away at school! Put a special note in the lunch box to remind your child how precious they are.
  • A healthy & hearty breakfast improves memory, concentration& mood.
  • Dried Figs (Anjeer) are great source of dietary fibre & helps aid weight loss.
  • Did you know Anger can be fattening? As you get angry, hormone called cortisol is released, which causes fattening effect.
  • Did you know quick naps not only improve your alertness, but they also help in decision making & creativity.
  • A person burns more calories by walking on hard dirt compared to pavement. Go to a park for walks rather than your neighbourhood.
  • Get rid of insects in your house! Did you know children are more allergic to cockroaches than pet's hair.
  • Did you know you burn up to 164 calories per hour while shopping? So shop away to good health.
  • If you have food /medicine / or any other allergies, write & keep with.
  • Long working hours causing eye strain? Rub your hands for few seconds & place your palms over your eyes. This helps releasing stress.
  • Stick to strive for the 3Cs on your exercise routine - Commitment, Convenience, & Consistency.
  • Find a way to make exercising more fun. Encourage a friend to join you. You will be more likely to make the effort by having company around.
  • Consuming dairy products before exercising can make you feel dull & acidic. Fruit juice is better choice to give you energy boost.
  • According to research, spending time with your pets lowers your BP & helps relaxing tense nerves. Go out & enjoy a stroll in the park with your pets.
  • Exercising early in the morning. Avoid heavy cotton material that sop up sweat which makes you colder. Avoid using polyester clothing during your exercise.
  • Skipping meals in preparation for festivities leaves you hungry, making you eat more.
  • Have healthy snacks in intervals
  • Dengue epidemic is on the rise. Keep your surroundings mosquito free.
  • In case of continuous fever for days, get examined by doctor / go for blood test immediately. The NS1 Antigen Test can detect Dengue from the 1st day of the fever.
  • High fever with headache, severe muscle pain, vomiting can be symptoms of Dengue fever. Self-medication must be avoided, visit a Doctor immediately
  • If detected with Dengue fever, blood platelet count should be monitored daily. Be in touch with your doctor. In case platelet count falls below 50000, hospitalisation is required.
  • Prevent infection of Dengue Virus. Wear long sleeved clothing with usage of mosquito repellent& netting which helps reduce exposure to mosquitoes
  • Avoid hanging clothes in dark corners of your house, as these serve as hiding places for mosquitoes.
  • In case of continuous eye, nose irritation and difficulty breathing, find an indoor place that is cool & well ventilated.
  • Adding raw or lightly cooked garlic to your meals may help keep you healthy in winter. They have antibacterial properties to boost immunity
  • Take care your health during Smog. Take frequent breaks in ventilated area & drink water or natural juices.
  • Hugging to better half /parents/ kids/ grandchildren and by them too can lower blood pressure & stress level
  • Give ur exercise routine a change once in a while. Ur body &mind may get tired of the same workout routine
  • As the summer approaches, drink plenty of water cut down processed high sugar items such as potato chips & chocolate bars to avoid dehydration
  • Dryness in the weather caused by the approaching summer air can cause nose bleeds. Use cold compress or ice on the nose & avoid long hours in the sun!
  • Honey is a natural remedy to disinfect minor wounds & scrapes. It has antibacterial elements & doesn't sting or burn.!
  • Don't turn on AC as soon as you enter your car. Car's dashboard, seats & ALL plastic objects in your car emit Benzene, a harmful Cancer causing Toxin.
  • Olive Oil may relieve mild sunburn. Use equal parts olive oil water in a tight-lidded container. Shake well & apply to sunburnt area
  • Avoid frequent crash dieting, it imbalances your electrolyte levels which weakens the heart muscle! Maintain a constant healthy diet instead
  • Benefits of exercising are more than just for weight management. Exercise also fights stress, promotes better sleep & improves the immune system.
  • People who have frequent allergies, particularly ones that affect nose eyes are more likely to have asthma. A regular check with doctor is a must
  • Everyone likes to eat kings of fruits Mango. Remember to wash & peel off the skin before eating, as it may ripen using harmful chemicals.
  • Flush toilet with the seat lid down. Flushing with lid open may cause polluted water drops splashing out of the toilet, spreading germs & bacteria.
  • Fever may come with change of weather. If suffering from fever avoid eating fish & any sort of meat as they are high in cholesterol & not easily digested
  • In case of a bee sting if you experience swelling of face, throat with red itchy rash, visit an medical expert immediately. It may turn fatal.
  • Frequent small meals during the day provides consistent supply of essential nutrients, which are efficient for muscle growth.
  • Many new mothers forget that caring for themselves is just as important. Efficiency to take care of your baby will be more if you are well-fed & rested.