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Prevention Of Common Illnesses

for avoiding infections

  • Wash your hands before handling food, after using the bathroom and after handling pets. Wash your hands often when you have a cold.
  • Don't share eating or drinking utensils
  • Don't eat raw or undercooked meat or poultry, raw seafood or raw eggs.
  • Don't drink or cook with unpasteurized milk.
  • Don't drink water thats likely contaminated
  • Don't put your fingers in your mouth or eyes
  • Do avoid contact with ticks and rodents
  • Do keep up to date with vaccinations of kids/yourself - It can protect you from life-threatening infectious diseases.
  • Recognize signs of generalized infections and don't delay contacting doctor if you are sick from fever, sweats and chills. For skin infections, look for redness and warmth.
  • Many serious infections are treatable in the early stages contact doctor well in time.


  • When taking a prescription or non prescription medication - Read the label and all printed information
  • Avoiding food and drug interactions - Acid or minerals in certain foods can alter some drug ingredients. Breaking apart pills can destroy special coatings that protect your stomach or the medication, or that create the time-release mechanism of some drugs (which allows slow, uniform absorption).
  • Don't mix medicine into hot beverages - Heat can destroy or alter drug ingredients.
  • Don't consume grapefruit or grapefruit juice with medications - sometimes causing a buildup of medication which could become toxic.
  • Alcohol can increase or reduce a drugs effects or increase side effects.
  • Don't take a vitamin and mineral supplement or antacids at the same time as your medication unless your doctor recommends.
  • Some nutrients can bind with drug ingredients, reducing their absorption and limiting their effectiveness.
  • Tell your doctor if you are taking herbal supplements.
  • Take medication as recommended by your doctor.
  • Some drugs are better absorbed with food to reduce the risk of stomach irritation or upset. Other drugs may be better absorbed when taken with a full glass of water an hour or two before meals. Follow your doctors or pharmacists instructions.
  • Keep a list of the medications and doses taken for future consultations.
  • Be aware of the common side effects and Which side effects may go away with time? Which side effects should prompt you to contact your doctor?
  • Consult your doctor what do you do if you miss a dose.
  • Ask Your Doctor - Name of the medication. Why are you taking it? What effect can you expect? How much, when and how long should you take it? Are there any restrictions or precautions be taken during medications?