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Vaccination is the best way to protect your child against many diseases. The number of diseases now are preventable by vaccination, we must seek Doctor's cosultation and take a close look at the vaccines available and decide which ones are important as per Doctor's advise.

Vaccine schedule

6,10 and 14 weeksDTP, OPV/IPV, HIB, Hepatitis B
9 montdsMeasles
16 - 18 monthsDTP B, OPV/IPV, HIB, MMR
2 yearsTyphoid
5 yearsDTP,OPV,MMR, Typhoid
10 yearsTdap,HPV (only females)
20 yearsTd (every 10 years)

Vaccines to be given after
(Discussion with the parents)

6 weeksPneumococcal conjugate and rotavirus
6 monthsInfluenza virus
15 monthsVaricella /chicken pox
18 monthsHepatitis
2 yearsMeningococcal

Are vaccines safe ?

To minimize the vaccination pain