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Nine (9) In One (1) Calculator

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    Here You can use Nine Useful Calculators

    1. Debt Investment Calculator - You will be REALLY SURPRISED to see the effect of increasing Rs.100/- in EMI of Long Term Loan
    2. One Click Calculations - Most common required mathmetical calculations of two inputs
    3. Calculate EMI & Interest Payable- It will display Loan EMI, Total Payments and Total Interest Payments
    4. Length Converter - See results on inputs
    5. Currency Converter - vice versa conversion of curreency rates
    6. VAT Calculator - Calculates VAT
    7. Trigonometric Values - A useful utility calculator for students
    8. Square Root & Power of Number - A useful utility calculator for students
    9. All Purpose Calculator - A common Calculator with some additional features for

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    Nine (9) In One (1) Calculator
    Select Calculator
    Calculate Square Root of Number
    Enter Number
    Square Root
    Calculate Power of Number
    input type="number" number
    To The Power

    input type="number" Number (A)
    input type="number" Number (B)

    Discounted Price [A-(A*B)]
    (If Original Price = A, Discount Rate = B%)

    Sum Total (A+B)
    Difference (A-B)
    Multiplication (A*B)
    Division (A/B)
    Percentage (A*B %)

    Sin Value
    Cos Value
    Tan Value
    Asin Value
    Acos Value
    Atan Value
    All Purpose Calculator

    PPF Yearly Interest Calculator

    This is ONE of the most featured and accurate online PPF Calculator. You can calculate / check yearly interest return on your yearly or monthly PPF investments from FY 1986-87 to current Financial Year. This calculator displays the applicable rate of interest over the selected period and checks your date of deposit (is it before or after 5th) for the purpose of interest calculation as per PPF scheme.

    Click Here to view PPF interest Rates from 01.04.1986 and Detailed Features of PPF Scheme

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