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Credit Card and Utility Bills Payment Records

What is this Utility?

You can maintain here records of payments of your credit card bills and most common utility bill payments / expenses viz. Electricity Bill, Broadband / Phone Bill, Home LPG/PNG, Petrol Expenses, Kids School/College Fees, Kids Pocket Money or any other bills or expenses paid may be recorded in Other head

You can change the Head of Expenses by entering the code from the following options

Code for Expenses / Bills Heads (1 to 8) :- (Code 1) - Electricity, (Code 2) - Broadband / Phone, (Code 3) - LPG/PNG, (Code 4) - Credit Card, (Code 5) - Petrol/CNG, (Code 6) - Kids Fees, (Code 7) - Kids Pocket Money & (Code 8) - Other

Utilities for Registered User

To provide real-time availability of following utilities is offered by maxutils.com to registered users of the site. The registered users can save, access & edit the details maintained in these utilities at any place and on any device viz. desktop computer / laptop / tablet / smart phone etc.

  1. My PPF Account in My Pocket
  2. My Weight, Blood Pressure & Sugar Records
  3. My Dr. Visit Discussions Points / Short Notes
  4. My Bank Deposits Maturity Value
  5. Credit Card and Utility Bills Payment Records
  6. Bank Employee / Officer DA
  7. Bank Pensioner - Pension & DA Calculation
  8. My Pension, Other Income & TDS Records
  9. My Vehicle