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My Diary

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This utility helps in noting down any short notes which you will like to access immediately at any time viz. (1.) This utility is created keeping in view that the planning or points or health symptoms that all of a sudden comes in our mind or noticed will discuss in next meeting with some one and more importantly bring into notice the Doctor during next visit at clinic / hospital about our or family member's health problem / symptoms, but it is common that on the day or before the meeting with DR. we forgets to discuss / the exact problem or symptoms observed. It can be avoided if we keep this type of noting in brief in our mobile which we used to carry always with us. This utility can also be used for making Shopping list / future planning lists etc.

Utilities for Registered User

To provide real-time availability of following utilities is offered by maxutils.com to registered users of the site. The registered users can save, access & edit the details maintained in these utilities at any place and on any device viz. desktop computer / laptop / tablet / smart phone etc.

  1. My Weight, Blood Pressure & Sugar Records
  2. My Dr. Visit Discussions Points / Short Notes
  3. My Bank Deposits Maturity Value
  4. Credit Card and Utility Bills Payment Records
  5. Bank Employee / Officer DA
  6. Bank Pensioner - Pension & DA Calculation
  7. My Pension, Other Income & TDS Records
  8. My Vehicle