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Utilities for Registered User

To provide real-time availability of following utilities is offered by maxutils.com to registered users of the site. The registered users can save, access & edit the details maintained in these utilities at any place and on any device viz. desktop computer / laptop / tablet / smart phone etc.

  1. My PPF Account in My Pocket
  2. My Weight, Blood Pressure & Sugar Records
  3. My Dr. Visit Discussions Points / Short Notes
  4. My Bank Deposits Maturity Value
  5. Credit Card and Utility Bills Payment Records
  6. Bank Employee / Officer DA
  7. Bank Pensioner - Pension & DA Calculation
  8. My Pension, Other Income & TDS Records
  9. My Vehicle

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Know about the Utilities provided

Registration to use these utilities The registration is very simple. Select your username and enter your email. On succesful registration you will get a eamil, go to your infox and click the link to activate the account (if not seen in Inbox check in your spam folder). Then login to use the utility.

For registeration to use these utilities the user is not required to furnish his / her Mobile no. / PAN number / Addhar number. Keeping in view, a user may maintain more than one vehicle in family and likes to track fuel cost of upto four vehicles maintained in family and above all to keep records of weight / bp / sugar of 4 members of family one user can register four usernames with one email id.

  1. My PPF Account in My Pocket This feature of website facilitates usrs to save / edit details of their PPF account transaction that can be viewd on any device(Mobile / Laptop etc.). It displays Monthwise Applicable Interest Rates and accured interest amount for the Financial Year on the basis of users inputs which updates instantly on your transaction edits/fresh deposits entered. It displays last declared PPF rates for the remaining period of the Financial Year.
  2. My Weight, Blood Pressure & Sugar Records The user can record with date wise Blood Pressure, Sugar and Weight, the system will auto display the weight changes (increased weight and decreased weight with minus sign ↦ in red font). This utility also facilitates users to take the print outs of the details maintained here at any time.

    Keeping in view that old parents, spouse and kids are generally not having email id or they may not be using smart phone / computer / laptop / tablet etc. A user can register with four differnt user ID's with one email account to keep records of his/her family upto four members. Nick Name, it is optional, helps user to keep weight, blood pressure and sugar records of his/her family members more convenietly.

  3. My Dr. Visit Discussions Points / Short Notes

    Generally we all always thinks that we will disucss about my or family member problem or symptoms with the Dr. on my next visit but when we visits we forgets to discuss / the exact problem / the symptom observed. If we keep this type of records in short text in our mobile which we used to carry always with us. This utility helps to record any kind of short notes you like to save for immediate access at any time.

  4. Credit Card and Utility Bills Payment Records You can maintain here records of payments of your credit card bills and most common utility bill payments / expenses viz. Electricity Bill, Broadband / Phone Bill, Home LPG/PNG, Petrol Expenses, Kids School/College Fees, Kids Pocket Money or any other bills or expenses paid may be recorded in Other head

    You can change the Head of Expenses by entering the code from the following options

    Code for Expenses / Bills Heads (1 to 8) :- (Code 1) - Electricity, (Code 2) - Broadband / Phone, (Code 3) - LPG/PNG, (Code 4) - Credit Card, (Code 5) - Petrol/CNG, (Code 6) - Kids Fees, (Code 7) - Kids Pocket Money & (Code 8) - Other

  5. Bank Employee / Officer DA Registered Bank Staff can calculate and save their DA calculations and which can be accessed / edited saved at any time.
  6. My Bank Fixed / Time Deposits Maturity Value The Registered User can record the calculated maturity values of deposits upto 10 deposits with totals of Matuirty Value and Face Value of deposits at one page which can be accessed and edited by the user at any time.
  7. Bank Employee / Officer DA Registered Bank Staff can calculate and save their DA calculations and which can be accessed / edited saved at any time.
  8. Bank Pensioner DA Calculation & Monthly Pension

    The Bank Pensioner can calculate their revised DA, the amount of increase in DA and monthly payable pension. The user has to provide once the following details to check DA & Pension at any time at any place.
    (i) Date of retirement by selecting available options.
    (ii) Amount of Basic Pension before commputaion
    (ii) Amount of Basic Pension after commputaion
    This calculator also displays the number of DA slabs payable to bank pensioners.

  9. Record & Create Your Readyrecknor of Pension & TDS By spending less than 5 minutes in a month you can very easily keep record and create your own readyrecknor of month wise gross / net pension after TDS, if any, received during the Financial Year. You will see that it will display auto totals of gross pension / TDS / net pension of the year upto the months the details updated. Likewise pension details you can also record to maintain your own readyrecknor of the amount of other income like TD or FD interest etc. and TDS on other income, if any.
  10. My Vehicle This unique feature is very useful to all registered user who are maintaining vehicle like bike / car / scooter or any other vehicle to keep track per KM fuel cost (petrol / diesel / cng) of his / her vehicle for every fuel fill-ups. The best part of this utility is that user can also track the net average fuel cost per KM. of the vehicle he is maintaining over a period of time / forty fill-ups.

    There is two more useful input fields are also provided to maintain the next due dates of renewal of insurance / pollution to help the user to keep in front whenever he / she logins to use the utility to avoid any lapses of renewals and second one at the bottom of the page user can also record misc/repair expenses incurred on the vehicle.

Disclaimer Though all efforts are made to keep the calculations complete and correct, this site or its owners do not make any claim that the calculations of the utilites provided are complete and updated with day to day changes / amendments. Any reporting of errors / omissions in calclations will be attended on priority basis. Other requests will be entertained on merits, if deemed fit to be attended. Keeping in view of the safety and security it is strongly advised not to maintain any type of information whatsoever of kind that is required to be kept as confidential viz. passwords, financial transactions etc. in the input fields provided here. The site owner will not be held responsible / liable in any manner whatsoever for any loss or damage caused to the user. In case, any loss or damage is caused to any person due to his/her treating or interpreting the calculations / contents of this site or any part thereof as correct, complete and up-to-date out of ignorance or otherwise, keeping confidential this site will not be liable in any manner whatsoever for such loss or damage.