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Income Tax Calculator AY 2017-18

For Resident Individuals & HUFs

Calculate Taxable Income and Income Tax liability for FY 2016-17 (AY 2017-18)

  • New Income Tax Calculator FY 2017-18
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    Registered User can access / edit saved calculations at any place on any device. To save your calculation press Saved Data button provided at bottom. Click to Register /   Click to Login
    Steps to Use Calculator
    1. Select Your Age
    2. For new and guest user to enter details click button - "Click Me To Enter Fresh Details" and those using after registration and to edit / access saved detials click button "Click Me To View/Edit Saved Calculations"
    3 Enter details in respective columns in light yellow highlightd input fields
    4. To view your tax calculations Click button "Calculate Taxable Income & Income Tax" 5. The registered users to save their calculations click button "Save Data"
    6. To edit saved details, after signin click button "Click Me To View/Edit Saved Calculations" then enter only the desired incresed or decreased amount(with sign -) e.g. to edit income already entered as Rs. 600000 as 550000 you need to enter as -50000 in yellow highlited respective field then follow above 4 and 5 steps.

    Nickname Details As On

    *Mandatory Field is Select Your Age
    Select Age*
    A A.   Income from Salary / Pension
    1 Total Salary/Pension as per Form 161
    2 Allowances Exempt under Section 102
    3 Add : Allowances not exempt
    4 Add : Value of Perquisites
    5 Add : Profits in lieu of Salary
    Total Income from Salary chargeable to Income Tax
      Income (Profits) from Business / Profession
    B   Income / Loss from House Property
    1 Interest payable on borrowed capital (Max. 2 lacs, if Self Occupied)
    C   Income from Other Sources
    Agricultural Income (For Rate purpose)
    D   Aggregate Income (A+B+C)
    E   Eligible Deductions
    1 Deductions under Sec. 80C
    2 Deductions under Sec. 80CCC
    3 Deductions under Sec. 80CCD1
    4 Total of Deductions u/s 80C, 80CCC and 80CCD(1) (Max. Rs. 1.50 lakh)
    5 Deductions under Sec. 80CCD2
    6 Deductions under Sec. 80CCD
    7 Deductions under Sec. 80CCG
    8 Deductions under Sec. 80D Health Insurance - Self & family
    9 Deductions under Sec. 80D Health Insurance - Parents
    10 Deductions under Sec. 80DD
    11 Deductions under Sec. 80DDB
    12 Deductions under Sec. 80E
    13 Deductions under Sec. 80G
    14 Deductions under Sec. 80GG
    15 Deductions under Sec. 80RRB
    16 Deductions under Sec. 80TTA
    17 Deductions under Sec. 80U
    18 Any other eligible deduction
    Total Deductions from Taxable Income
    F   Total Taxable Income
    G   Tax Paid / Deducted Already
    1 Tax Deducted at Source
    2 Tax Collected at Source
    3 Advance Tax paid
    4 Self Assessment Tax paid
    Total Tax already Paid
    H Net Taxable Income
    I Income Tax
    a Less: Tax Credit4
    b Income Tax Payable
    c Surcharge5
    d Income Tax + Net Surcharge
    e Education Cess6
    Gross Income Tax liability
    Less: Tax relief under sections 89, 90 and 91
    Net Income Tax liability
    Tax Payable / Refund

    Know How Your
    Kids can Reduce Your Tax
    Parents can Reduce Your Tax

    Useful Points

    1. Excl. all exempt / non-exempt allow., perquisites & profit in lieu of salary
    2. Not to be added to Total Income from Salary chargeable to Income Tax
    3. Check your case for Marginal Relief in Surcharge, if applicable
    4. Available only to Individual Resident assessees having total taxable income upto Rs. 5 lacs
    5. Surcharge @ 15% of Income Tax,if taxable income is more is more than Rs. 1 crore
    6. Education Cess @ 3% of (Income Tax + Net Surcharge)


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