Rajasthan - List of Bank Holidays Year 2018

These are the Bank Holidays for 2018 declared Under Section 25 of Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881

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The date of Holiday may change as per official announcment of the conerned State. The dates of Id / Ramzan Holidays may change subject to sighting / appearance of moon.

113-01-182nd SaturdaySaturday
226-01-18Republic DayFriday
327-01-184th SaturdaySaturday
410-02-182nd SaturdaySaturday
524-02-184th SaturdaySaturday
710-03-182nd SaturdaySaturday
824-03-184th SaturdaySaturday
925-03-18Ram NavmiSunday
1030-03-18Good FridayFriday
1102-04-18Annual Closing of Bank AccountsMonday
1214-04-182nd SaturdayBhimrao Ambedkar BirthdaySaturday
1328-04-184th SaturdaySaturday
1412-05-182nd SaturdaySaturday
1526-05-184th SaturdaySaturday
1609-06-182nd SaturdaySaturday
1716-06-18 Idu'l Fitr Saturday
1823-06-184th SaturdaySaturday
1914-07-182nd SaturdaySaturday
2028-07-184th SaturdaySaturday
2111-08-182nd SaturdaySaturday
2215-08-18Independence DayWednesday
2322-08-18Idu'l Zuha (Bakrid)Wednesday
2425-08-184th SaturdaySaturday
2526-08-18Raksha BandhanSunday
2708-09-182nd SaturdaySaturday
2922-09-184th SaturdaySaturday
3002-10-18Mahatma Gandhi's BirthdayTuesday
3113-10-182nd SaturdaySaturday
3427-10-184th SaturdaySaturday
3608-11-18Goverdhan PujaThursday
3710-11-182nd SaturdaySaturday
3823-11-18Guru Nanak's BirthdayFriday
3924-11-184th SaturdaySaturday
4008-12-182nd SaturdaySaturday
4122-12-184th SaturdaySaturday
4225-12-18Christmas DayTuesday

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