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  1. PPF Calculator to calculate Maturity Amount - Calculates Maturity Value / Investment Return from 15 to 40 years of SBI, Post Office & in any Bank's your PPF investment viz. fixed monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly and variable yearly investments of fresh account as well as of your existing PPF account on the basis of your future Investment Planning for the remaining years.
  2. PPF Balance & Interest Calculator - A online tool to calculate interest amount and account balance of your PPF investments upto the current Financial Year from the date of opening of your PPF account. To continue to check interest year-wise CLICK the button "Check Interest for Next Year" it will carry over closing balance as opening balance for the next Financial Year. This calculator takes care date of deposit for interest calculations as per PPF Rules and displays all periodical applicable month wise interest rate for the selected Financial Year. Click Here for PPF Scheme Features and history of PPF interest rates
Flash:- The government on 27.12.2017 slashed interest rates payable on PPF to 7.6% from 7.8% w.e.f. 01.01.2018. This PPF Calculator is also updated with revised interest rates.

This is ONE of the most featured and accurate online PPF Calculator. You can calculate / check yearly interest return on your yearly or monthly PPF investments from FY 1986-87 to current Financial Year. This calculator displays the applicable rate of interest over the selected period and checks your date of deposit (is it before or after 5th) for the purpose of interest calculation as per PPF scheme.

Highlights of PPF Scheme

  1. The ceiling of amount deposited in PPF account increased to Rs. 1.50 lac.
  2. Interest is computed on the minimum balance between the 5th and end of a month. Accordingly, here the calculator shows the effective depsoit for the month = Amount deposited upto 5th + Last month Deposit after 5th less withdrawal during the month, if any, for the purpose of interest calculations.
  3. Minimum deposit amount in a year is Rs. 500/- and the number of installments you can deposit in a Financial Year is Min. One and Max. Twelve.
  4. Click Here to view interest Rates from 01.04.1986 and Detailed Features of PPF Scheme

Current PPF Interest Rate 7.6% w.e.f. 01.01.2018. View Previous Rates

1. PPF Calculator to Calculate Maturity Amount - Calculate Maturity Amount from 15 to 40 Years of your existing or new PPF account with SBI, Post Office or any other banks on the basis of future Investment Planning viz. fixed monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly and variable yearly investments for the remaining years of your PPF account

*Current Interest rate is applied to calculate Maturity Value for future years. The calculations are based on presumption interest rate and investment is made on or before 5th of the month. The interest is compounded annually as PPF Rules.

2. PPF Calculator to calculate PPF Balance & Interest - Calculates PPF Account Balance / Interest Application amount for the current year and all previous years as applicable in PPF account of all banks and post office.

* Amount deposited after 5th accounts for in next month for the purpose of intersst calculations

Income Tax Calculator featured with to calculate tax on CAPITAL GAIN alongwith existing features to calculate tax on your income from salary / pension / income from other sources / Income or Loss from House Property (with minus sign in case of interest on housing loan; it is treated as Loss from House Property)