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Banker's CornerNew Pension System (NPS) Scheme Features & Forms ✤ 10th Bipartite Settlement update & Expected Basic Pay / Calculate DA Payable & Expected ✤ Pensioner DA Calculator ✤ Pension Scheme & Calculations of Pension - Commutation Payable ✤ Salary payable on Appointment in Banks ✤ Fitment of Pay on Promotion ✤ Disciplinary Action / Loan EMI comparison ✤ List of State Wise Bank Holidays & Public Holidays - 2014

Income TaxIncome Tax Rates - Slabs ✤ Income Tax Calculator for FY 2013-14 (AY 2014-15) ✤ Income from House Property - provisions and computation / Calculate Perquisite Value of Leased Accommodation ✤ Concessional or Interest Free Loan ✤ Tax Saving under RGESS (Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme) ✤ Tax Planning /Know How Parents May Reduce Tax Liability /Calculate - TDS. Advance Tax, Capital Gain & Service Tax ✤ Vote-on-Account ✤ Gift Tax Act - Rules

Investment Guide PPF (Public Provident Fund) Scheme & PPF Calculator ✤ New Pension System (NPS) Scheme Features & Forms / Loan EMI comparison Chart of Interest rate from 8% to 16% ✤ How Your SB Account can be an Investment Account ✤ What is Retirement? ✤ Calculation of Return on Initial Investment & Yield on Shares ✤ Credit Card Usage ✤ Mutual Fund, Options & Futures Glossary ✤ Nifty And Sensex

Learning Three forms of Verbs & Understand Verbs - Helping Verbs - Linking verbs - Irregular Verbs ✤ One Word Substitution ✤ Similar Pronunciation Words (Confusing Words) ✤ Prepositions ✤ Microsoft Excel - Shortcut Keys, Control (CTRL ^ ), Function Keys (F1 - F12) / Observances Dates World Days - International Days -The National Days ✤ Language and Currencies of 194 Countries

Download Forms Pension Forms ✤ Passport Issue-Reisuue & Affidavits ✤ BSNL-MTNL ✤ CGHS ✤ EPF ✤ Rent Deed ✤ Right to Information Act, 2005, Gift Deed & many more utility forms

Widgets / GadgetsWe have compiled a number of utility Widgets (Gadgets) with embed code for website ✤ blog. The widgets are free to use online for learning ✤ utility calculators on various topics like.

HealthHome Remedies for Common Ailments and Vitamins & Minerals Food Sources ✤ Depression ✤ Asthma ✤ Joint Dislocation ✤ Fracture ✤ Heart Attack ✤ Neck ✤ Spine Injury ✤ Eye Injury ✤ Bleeding ✤ Chemical Burn

Today Today In History & Today's Observances - Festivals - Tithi & Celebrations

SpouseUnderstand Your Husband Wife to make your family a happy Family

Hindu Rituals Introduction and Why do they follow them ?

Miscellaneous & SpiritualityWhy Not Be It Your Home Page of Ultimate Utilities ✤ DTC Bus Route Finder - for Delhi and NCR ✤ Public Holidays and State Wise Bank Holidays - 2014 ✤ List Bharat Ratna Awarded from year 1954 ✤ IFA World Cup ✤ Inspiration of Lord GaneshjeeBhagvad Gita - 18 Chapters



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