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PPF Calculator - Calculate Maturity Value for 15 to 40 Years of Investments.

Calculate eligibility to submit form 15H / 15G - FY 2018-19

Salaried / Pensioners Tax Calculator for FY 2017-18

Bank Pensioners Monthly Pension & Tax Calculations

Bank Employee-Officer Tax Calculator

Bankers DA Calculation from Nov'07

Generate and Print Rent Receipt online for HRA Exemption

Check Your Tax After Budget - Budget Tax Impact Calculator FY 18-19 from FY 17-18 of Salried / Pensioner Taxpayers Calculator

LTCG Taxable Value Calculator As proposed In Budget - apply on selling of Shares / Redeem of Equity Mutual Funds

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Income TaxIncome Tax Rates - Slabs ✤ Income Tax Calculator ✤ Income from House Property - provisions and computation / Calculate Perquisite Value of Leased Accommodation ✤ Concessional or Interest Free Loan ✤ Tax Saving under RGESS (Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme) ✤ Tax Planning /Know How Parents May Reduce Tax Liability /Calculate - TDS. Advance Tax, Capital Gain & Service Tax ✤ Vote-on-Account ✤ Gift Tax Act - Rules
Banker's CornerNational Pension System (NPS) Scheme Features & Forms ✤ 10th Bipartite Settlement update & Expected Basic Pay / Calculate DA Payable & Expected ✤ Pensioner DA Calculator ✤ Pension Scheme & Calculations of Pension - Commutation Payable ✤ Salary payable on Appointment in Banks ✤ Fitment of Pay on Promotion ✤ Disciplinary Action / Loan EMI comparison ✤ List of State Wise Bank Holidays
Fillable / Editable FormsRTGS / NEFT / NPS / LIC / RTO etc. Download Forms in Fillable / Editable Format
Step By Step Guide
on Tax Services
and utilities / tax services provided at Income Tax Department website of viz. e-Filing Income Tax Return, online tax payment, request for re-issue of refund etc.
CalculatorsNumber of Useful Calculators and widgets
Sukanya Samridhi
PPF Scheme ✤PPF Calculator ✤ Sukanya Samridhi
Learning Three forms of Verbs & Understand Verbs - Helping Verbs - Linking verbs - Irregular Verbs ✤ One Word Substitution ✤ Similar Pronunciation Words (Confusing Words) ✤ Prepositions ✤ Microsoft Excel - Shortcut Keys, Control (CTRL ^ ), Function Keys (F1 - F12) / Observances Dates World Days - International Days -The National Days ✤ Language and Currencies of 194 Countries
HealthHome Remedies for Common Ailments and Vitamins & Minerals Food Sources ✤ Depression ✤ Asthma ✤ Joint Dislocation ✤ Fracture ✤ Heart Attack ✤ Neck ✤ Spine Injury ✤ Eye Injury ✤ Bleeding ✤ Chemical Burn
Investment Guide PPF (Public Provident Fund) Scheme & PPF Calculator ✤ National Pension System (NPS) Scheme Features & Forms / Loan EMI comparison Chart of Interest rate from 8% to 16% ✤ How Your SB Account can be an Investment Account ✤ What is Retirement? ✤ Calculation of Return on Initial Investment & Yield on Shares ✤ Credit Card Usage ✤ Mutual Fund, Options & Futures Glossary ✤ Nifty And Sensex
SpouseUnderstand Your Spouse to make your family a Happy Family
Rituals and Routines Introduction and Why follow them ?
English Letter Writing Tips Sentences to help you to present your right idea in the right words for official and common social occasion letters
Cash Tally CheckerOn every your inputs of currency denominations it shows amount of cash balance. It calculates the closing balance as well as The Cash Tally position of your physical cash balance / difference of cash, if any, on providing inputs of your Days's Opening Balance, Receipts & Payments of the day.


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