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PSU Bank Pensioner Expected DA Calculator

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1. Bank Employees Pension Scheme
2. PSU Bank Pensioner DA Calculator
3. Calculate Tax on Leave Encashment on Retirement
4. Central Govt Employees Expected DA Calculator
5. Calculate Additional Tax Payable - On increase - Pension / TD Intt. etc.

About - PSU Bank Pensioner Expected DA Calculation

Important - *The pensioner's DA that would become payavble for the period of Feb'17 to July'17 will be computed on CPI for the period from July'16 to Dec'16. (i.e. Bank Pensioner's DA slabs that would become payable in Nov'16 + the DA would become payable in Feb'17).

on 31.10.2016, CPI for the month Sep'16 announced by Govt. as 6322.77. On assumptions that CPI data would remain at least the same as of average of July'16 & Sep'16 for the rest of months (Oct'16 to Dec'16) in that situation the expected (tentatively) increase in DA Slabs comes to 23 slabs for the month of Feb'17 to July'17. The expected DA calculator hereunder is updated accordingly.

On release of CPI data for the month of Oct'16 we will re-calculate the tentative number DA slabs that may would become payable for the period Feb'17 to July'17 on the basis of CPI announced and on assumptions of remaining rest of the months as above.

Pensioner's Expected DA Calculator

*Expected D.A. w.e.f. 01/02/2017
Date of retirement:
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Aug'16 To Jan'17 (Slabs 1144)
Expected D A w.e.f. Feb'17 (*Slabs 1167)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Aug'16 To Jan'17 (Slabs 993)
Expected D A w.e.f. Feb'17 (*Slabs 1016)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Aug'16 To Jan'17 (Slabs 856)
Expected D A w.e.f. Feb'17 (*Slabs 879)
Retired After 01.11.12 (Basic Pension as per 10BPS)
Enter Basic Pension
DA for Aug'16 To Jan'17 (Slabs 455)
Expected D A w.e.f. Feb'17 (*Slabs 478)
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Disclaimer : This website do not claim its calculation of payable DA / expected DA slabs that would may become payable is full and final. As we do calculations on the basis of available CPI data for DA payable(may vary of one slabs on official announcement of IBA due to rounding of fraction of points). The expected DA is computed on some assumptions of CPI for coming months. The users are requested to please do inform in case he/she has noticed any error or updation of the official announcements of CPI index, for the correction & updation at this website. We shall welcome your feedback in the matter.