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Expected DA Slabs for the Month of Aug'16 to Oct'16 - - Today (i.e. 29.07.2016) CPI for the month of May'16 released by the Govt. Please Click Here or click below button to calculate your expected increase of DA w.e.f. Aug'16.

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DA Payable Aug'16-Oct'16
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Today i.e. on 29.07.2016, Government announced Consumer Price Index (CPI) data for the month of June'16. On the basis of CPI data announced by the Govt for the month of Apr'16, May'16 & Jun'16, as tabled below, there is an increase of 35 DA Slabs payable for the period of Aug'16 to Oct'16.

The total number of DA slabs and in terms of percentage the Dearness Allowance (DA) payable is as under :-

In case of DA calculated on revised Pay:- - Red Colour DA Calculator - For Revised Pay be Used The percentage of decrease in DA is 3.50% for the month of Aug - Oct 2016 and total revised DA slabs is 455 Slabs and total increase of DA payable on Revised Pay is 45.50%

In case of DA calculated on pre-revised Pay:- - Blue Colour Expected DA Calculator - For Pre-revised Pay be UsedThe percentage of increase in DA is 5.25% for the month of Aug - Oct 2016 and total revised DA slabs is 856 Slabs and total percentage of DA payable on pre-revised pay is 128.40%

CPI for the Quarter

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Average CPI for the Quarter Apr - Jun 2016 as above = 6261.90

Average CPI for the Last Quarter (Jan - Mar 2016) = 6117

Disclaimer : This website do not claim its calculation of payable DA / expected DA slabs that would may become payable is full and final. As we do calculations on the basis of available CPI data for DA payable(may vary of one slabs on official announcement of IBA due to rounding of fraction of points). The expected DA is computed on some assumptions of CPI for coming months. The users are requested to please do inform in case he/she has noticed any error or updation of the official announcements of CPI index, for the correction & updation at this website. We shall welcome your feedback in the matter.

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