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Last modified / updated Jan. 01, 2016

FPP and PQP - Officers

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Fixed Personal Pay (w.e.f. 1.11.2012)

Fixed Personal Pay together with House Rent Allowance shall be at the following rates and shall remain frozen for the entire period of service

Increment Component Rs. DA as on 1.11.2012 Rs. Total F.P.P. payable where bank's accommodation is provided (?)
(A) (B) (C)
1310 143 1453
1460 159 1619
1650 180 1830
1800 196 1996
1960 214 2174
2120 231 2351

Note: (i) F.P.P. as indicated in "C" above shall be payable to those officer employees who are provided with bank?s accommodation.

(ii) F.P.P. for officers eligible for House Rent Allowance shall be "A" + "B" plus House Rent Allowance payable on the last increment of the relevant scale of pay.

(iii) The increment component of F.P.P. shall rank for superannuation benefits.

(iv) Only officers who were in the service of the bank on or before 1.11.93 will be eligible for F.P.P one year after reaching the maximum scale of pay they are placed

Professional Qualification Pay (PQP) (w.e.f. 1.11.2012)

PQP - I Rs. 670/- p.m. one year after reaching top of the scale, who have passed only CAIIB - Part I / JAIIB

PQP - II Rs. 1680/- p.m. two year after reaching top of the scale, who have passed both parts of CAIIB

Note - An Officer employee acquiring JAIIB/CAIIB (either or both parts) qualifications after reaching the maximum of the scale of pay, shall be granted from the date of acquiring such qualification the first installment of PQP and the release of subsequent installments of PQP shall be with reference to the date of release of first installment of PQP.

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