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PPF Calculator - Calculate PPF Interest. It facilitates to check the intt. earning on deposits made upto or after 5th day of the Month. It displays prevailing rates of Interest year-wise. Last PPF intt. rate changed @7.8% w.e.f. 01.07.17
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PSU Bank Pensioner DA Calculator
D.A. Payable w.e.f. Aug 2017

  • For Pensioners - A Free Utility
  • PPF Yearly Interest Calculator

    This is ONE of the most ADVANCED and Accurate Online PPF Calculator. You can calculate / check yearly interest return on your yearly or monthly PPF investments from FY 1986-87 to current Financial Year. This calculator displays the applicable rate of interest over the selected period and checks your date of deposit (is it before or after 5th) for the purpose of interest calculation as per PPF scheme.

    1. Bank Employees Pension Scheme
    2. Calculate Additional Tax Payable On increase - Pension / TD Intt. etc.
    3. Calculate Tax on Leave Encashment on Retirement
    New 4 in 1 Calculator = Calculate - Deposit Maturity Value + Rate of Return After-Tax + Year-wise Balance + Year-wise Interest

    Go to PSU Bank Pensioner's Expected DA Calculator - w.e.f. Nov'16

    Pensioner's DA Calculator
    D.A. Payable w.e.f. Aug. 2017
    Date of retirement:
    Enter Basic Pension
    DA for Feb'17 To Jul'17 (Slabs 1429)
    Revised D A w.e.f. Aug'17 (Slabs 1438)
    Enter Basic Pension
    DA for Feb'17 To Jul'17 (Slabs 1292)
    Revised D A w.e.f. Aug'17 (Slabs 1301)
    Enter Basic Pension
    DA for Feb'17 To Jul'17 (Slabs 1158)
    Revised D A w.e.f. Aug'17 (Slabs 1167)
    Enter Basic Pension
    DA for Feb'17 To Jul'17 (Slabs 1007)
    Revised D A w.e.f. Aug'17 (Slabs 1016)
    Enter Basic Pension
    DA for Feb'17 To Jul'17 (Slabs 870)
    Revised D A w.e.f. Aug'17 (Slabs 879)
    Enter Basic Pension
    Retired After 01.11.2012 (On Revised Basic Pension under 10BPS)
    DA for Feb'17 To Jul'17 (Slabs 469)
    Revised D A w.e.f. Aug'17 (Slabs 478)

    Future Expenses Estimate Calculator You can calculate estimate of monthly future expenses after a certain period on the basis of your present monthly expenses after taking into account impact of rate of inflation and forthcoming regular monthly expenses in coming months
    Now Income Tax Calculator featured with to calculate tax on CAPITAL GAIN alongwith existing features to calculate tax on your income from salary / pension / income from other sources / Income or Loss from House Property (with minus sign in case of interest on housing loan; it is treated as Loss from House Property)

    Calculte Capital Gain as per amendments w.e.f. April'17 & view revised Cost Inflation Index as per Notification dated 05.06.2017

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    Disclaimer : This website do not claim its calculation of payable DA / expected DA slabs that would may become payable is full and final. As we do calculations on the basis of available CPI data for DA payable(may vary of one slabs on official announcement of IBA due to rounding of fraction of points). The expected DA is computed on some assumptions of CPI for coming months. The users are requested to please do inform in case he/she has noticed any error or updation of the official announcements of CPI index, for the correction & updation at this website. We shall welcome your feedback in the matter.

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