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Calculate Percentage of Dividend Income Generated of Mix of Shares in Your Portfolio

It is important to know the yield of your entire portfolio. A share / stock's yield, or dividend yield, measures its annual dividends as a percentage of its price. Calculate your portfolio yield by entering the basic inputs it represents your total annual dividend income as a percentage of the value of all your share / stocks - including the share / stocks that don't pay dividends. This percentage shows your portfolio mix of individual shares / stocks together generate dividend income.

This Calculator displays three important results of shares / stocks in your portfolio (only on the basis of your inputs)

  1. Total Market Value of Share / Stock in Portfolio
  2. Total Annual Dividend Payments of Shares / Stock in Portfolio
  3. Yield on your Portfolio
S. No. Company - Shares /Stocks No. of Share in PortfolioCurrent Market Price Dividend Per share, If any Total Market Value of Stock in Portfolio
1 Share /Stocks of Company 'A'
2 Share /Stocks of Company 'B'
3 Share /Stocks of Company 'C'
4 Share /Stocks of Company 'D'
5 Share /Stocks of Company 'E'
6 Share /Stocks of Company 'F'
7 Share /Stocks of Company 'G'
8 Share /Stocks of Company 'H'
9 Share /Stocks of Company 'I'
10 Share /Stocks of Company 'J'
11 Share /Stocks of Company 'K'
12 Share /Stocks of Company 'L'
13 Share /Stocks of Company 'M'
14 Share /Stocks of Company 'N'
15 Share /Stocks of Company 'O'
Market Value of Share /Stock in Portfolio
Dividend Payments of Shares /Stock in Portfolio
Portfolio Yield (It Represents your total annual dividend income as a percentage of the value of all your stocks - INCLUDING even those that don't pay dividends)