Effects or problems of Egoism

How do we readily verify ourselves whether we are egoistic or not ?

These people are get easily hurt when a bad remark is passed against them even if the remark is actually a true fact about him / her. They even not ready to understand that the person who is telling about such remarks is his / her well wisher and his / her spouse or mother or father.

Another vital sign of being egositic is that one finds pleasure in hurting others' feelings and waiting other for praising oneself.

Ego is the behavior arising out of deeply embedded feelings like mentioned below

  • I'm independent want to be independent
  • My Knowledge is correct
  • Everyone should listen to me
  • I can do everything when it will be needed
  • Everyone should praise me / ask me
  • I can change myself and make the rules

    Effects or problems of egoism

  • Ego damages relationships
  • Egoists avoid associations with people who could be threat to their self pride.
  • Egoism takes the form of pride and vanity.
  • It leads to arrogance.
  • It also has consequences on finacial aspects
  • It creates the bad habit of changing one's behavior.
  • One may not be able to concentrate on tasks and activities
  • One may get agitated and even offensive.

    What causes egoism ?

  • The thought of "I" is the source of egoism. My family not counts my value.
  • As long as ego persists, body is given all the importance and as long as the ideas that "I am the body", I am important" exists, egoism will continue to be part of us.

    Adverse effects of egoism

  • Most important of the things we could lose due to ego is relationship.
    Somehow such a loss is often ignored because the importance of relationship is never realized untill it is lost.
    Therefore our ego is an enemy that resides within us, motivating us on the negative path.

    Thus, egosim is clearly a disastrous force and hence ways should be sought for its eradication.

    We request our visitors that

    Having self pride is acceptable but shouldn't go beyond the limit which is on its way to destroy

  • Us
  • Our relationship
  • Our Family

    "Please Don't fall for ego, let it go away from you"

    How to live without egoism?

    Meditation or simply just think over the causes and disadvantages of

  • Breakup of relationship
  • Discrimination,
  • Separateness and individualistic ideologies
  • As you are getting older in age your body strength / capacity is effecting or it will effect more as you are getting older day by day.
  • Please keep in mind that I am not mortal and one day I have also to go, then why breakup my relations with my close family members just for my ego!