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LTCG Tax on Shares / Mutual Fund
Income Tax FY 18-19
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Multiple Calculations With Aggregate Totals

Calculate maturity value of your 31 multiple investments in FD's etc. and also get the grand total of face value, maturity values and This tool can be used for calculation of Interest of SB / Loan a/c by taking closing balance for number days outstaing of operaive SB / OD / Loan account calculate interest for days with simple rate, in such accounts interest are compunded monthly of per day simple interest charged.

Total of Indian Currency Denominations with cash tally tool

GST Calculator - Calculates Price Including and Excluding GST with most commonly used calculations.

Maturity Values of Incremental Interest Rates / Period with Calculation of Tax on Interest as per your taxable income.

Flexi Deposit Calculator: Calculate - Auto Sweep Flexi Deposit Amount, Interest, Maturity Value with Interest Earning in Saving Bank Account

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