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Last modified / updated Jan. 01, 2016

Visit at - PPF Yearly Interest Calculator - This is ONE of the most ADVANCED and Accurate Online PPF Calculator. You can calculate / check yearly interest return on your yearly or monthly PPF investments from FY 1986-87 to current Financial Year. This calculator displays the applicable rate of interest over the selected period and checks your date of deposit (is it before or after 5th) for the purpose of interest calculation as per PPF scheme.

PPF A/C Interest Calculator -
Yearly Fixed Amount of Deposits

Public Provident Fund (PPF) Scheme is most liked tax saving investment in India. The Investment made in PPF accounts in a financial year are eligible for tax relief under section 80C of Income Tax Act upto a prescribed limit (presently it is upto 1.50 lac). The attraction of the scheme are interest earned in PPF accounts is exempt from Income Tax, balance in PPF account cannot be attached under court decree & entire deposit in a PPF account is exempt from the Wealth Tax. See detailed features of the PPF scheme

PPF Calculator for the Fixed Amount Yearly Investment in PPF Account

It calculates yearly accrued interest for the fixed amount deposited in the PPF account annually. Please enter the year (YYYY) of opening of PPF account and the fixed amount yearly invested in PPF account.

  • It calculates interest accrued during the Financial Years.
  • It calculates yearly opening balance and balance available at the end of Financial Years with accrued interest during the period of 15 years of your PPF account.
  • It calculates eligible loan amount in the Financial Years
  • It calculates amount available to withdraw in the Financial Years
  • Instructions : Select Year of A/C Opening & Enter Yearly Deposits (Fixed). It Calculates Intt. on the basis of the amount deposited by 5th of April Each Year For more details view PPF Scheme

    PPF A/C Interest Calculator (Fixed Amount)
    Year of A/C Opening
    Deposit (Fixed )
    S. No. Year Year Opening Bal. Rate Amt. Deposited Intt. Bal. year End Witdrawal Amt. Loan Availability  

    This calculator is an indicative of the amount of interest accrued in your PPF account. Please note that your PPF account earns interest on the amount available in your account as on 5th day of the month. The actual interest provided in your PPF a/c may differ from the amount as calculated in this calculator due to the reasons of date of deposit of fixed amount with reference to the interest applicable on the date of deposits. For variable deposits once in a year; PPF Calculator for Variable Amount of Yearly Investment in PPF Account be used to calculate.

    The above Calculator calculates intt. on the basis of that amount deposited by 5th of April Each Year.

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