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Crorepati Calculator

It Calculates what should be your monthly Savings to become a Crorerpati

E.g.- For goal of Rs. 1 crore to have at age of 50 - Start SIP with
Age 25 - Rs. 5270*
(month 300) Age 30 - Rs. 10009*
(month 240) Age 35 - Rs. 19819*
(month 180) *The Calculations are based on 12% p.a. growth compounded monthly on fixed SIP amount. This is an illustration, however actual results may vary.
Crorepati Calculator
Your Savings Goal
Expected Rate of Return (%)
Compounding of Return
Desired Period (months)
You will need to do Monthly Deposit / SIP

Top-Up SIP annually 5% or 10% as per your affordability, it will help to reduce the period of goal as well as to increase the goal amount.

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