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Birthday Wish With Name - on 50th Golden Jubilee Birthday

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Steps to create your Good Wishes special on 50th Golden Jubilee Birthday

  • To change / select the image for your message click the number button provided here.
  • Optinal - To enter name of receivers or Salute as you desire in box "Dear / Name / Salute" or delete it.
  • Enter Your or Sender Name in box "Regards - Your Name"
  • Press Buttun Preview to see Preview to check your typed content
  • Cilck the button download to save the message in your device.
  • Select the message from the location you have saved it in your device and send it to your friends / relatives / groups.

Preview of Choice of Images

To create Birthday Wishing Message - Options to Change Image are


 source http://maxutils.com/wishes/

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