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Sorry Message with Name

Sorry Images are the best way to say sorry to your loving family members / friends / relatives it not only patch-ups the realtionship but makes more stronger.

More options to create message to wish- 1)  Good Morning     2)  Happy Anniversary     3)  Happy Birthday    4)  congratulations     5)  Thanks    6)  All The Best    7)  Happy Journey    8)  Get Well Soon
Preview of Choice of Images

Steps to whatsapp message with your name

  • To change the image of your message click the number button provided here.
  • Optinal - Enter name of receivers or Salute as you desire in box "Dear / Name / Salute" or delete it.
  • Enter Your Name in box "Regards - Your Name"
  • Press Buttun Preview to see Preview to check your typed content
  • Cilck the button download to save the message in your device.
  • Select the message from the location you have saved it in your device and send it to your friends / relatives / groups.

Preview of Choice of Images

Create Message of Sorry - View Options to Change Image are


 source http://maxutils.com/wishes/

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