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Last modified / updated Feb. 22, 2016

ITR 1 Sahaj for FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17) Fillable Form with Auto Totals

This Return Form is to be used by an individual whose total income for the assessment year 2016-17 includes:-

(a) Income from Salary/ Pension; or
(b) Income from One House Property (excluding cases where loss is brought forward from previous years); or
(c) Income from Other Sources (Excluding Winning from Lottery and Income from Race Horses).

Further, in a case where the income of another person like spouse, minor child, etc. is to be clubbed with the income of the assessee, this Return Form can be used only if the income being clubbed falls into the above income categories

Who cannot use this Return Form
This Return Form should not be used by an individual whose total income for the assessment year 2016-17 includes:-
(a) Income from more than one house property; or
(b) Income from Winnings from lottery or income from Race horses; or
(c) Income under the head "Capital Gains' e.g., short-term capital gains or long-term capital gains from sale of house, plot,shares etc.; or
(d) Agricultural income in excess of 5,000; or
(e) Income from Business or Profession; or
(Q Loss under the head 'Income from other sources' ;or
(g) Person claiming relief under section 90 and/or91; or
(h) Any resident having any asset (including financial interest in any entity) located outside India or signing authority in any account located outside India or
(i) Any resident having income from any source outside India

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