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Letter Writing Tips

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Everyone likes to receive letter, but practically no one likes to write letter. Each of us has a hundred reasons why he can't write letter. Letters/messages bring friends and family together across the miles. Whether you are writing of personal letter, business letter or official letter the first sentence of any letter should be interesting and this particularly true of the friendly or personal letter which is the least inhibited by formalities. In case of writing a business or official letter keep in mind that the letter represents your company or organisation where you are working. The basic parts of business or official letter is covered under business /official letter section.

To make more easy letter writing we have provided sentences to help you to present your right idea in the right words for common social occasion and business or official letters. Few sample letters will also help your letter writing

The Letter writing can be categorized in two forms -
A. Personal Letters
B. Official Letters or Business Letters -

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A. Personal Letters

Now a days Whatsapp/SMS/Email etc. have come whereas before such commonly used e-medias; every family used to write regularly letters to their friends & relatives to make feel them they are attached with each others and having a big value in each others lives. These type of letters can be called as friendly letters. However, presently the typical letter forms are not used as widely as earlier but the matter and startups have still its value and it require to needs more frequently than earlier because the time of reaching the letters by post has completely become zero by these e-medias. A few Helping starters & closings of friendly letters are given hereunder. The following type of personal letter are also needs to be written by us on any events or social occasions -

A few Helping starters of friendly letters

  1. So much has happened since I last wrote you
  2. It was great news about your promotion
  3. I wanted you to be the first to know ...
  4. Hold your hat! I have a news for you
  5. It has been some time I have not heard from you ....
  6. Just today I heard ...
  7. As soon as I heard ...
  8. When I last saw you were...
  9. Just a few months (days) ago ...
  10. Mother called me today to tell you ...
  11. Thank you so much for the letter (gift) ...
  12. I am going to answer your letter immediately and pleasure
  13. Nothing could have made me happier than getting news of you
  14. I was glad to see your handwriting
  15. I have just returned from...
  16. I am sending this short letter today, so I can look forward ....
A few Helping closing

Close your letter on a positive, cheerful note

  1. Have a good time and write often
  2. Please write and tell me all the news of ...
  3. You alway have my best wishes for ...
  4. All your old friends send their love
  5. Mom loves you lot

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