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11th Bipartite Settlement Features of Bank Workmen / Officer signed on 11.11.20

    The salient features of 11th successive Bipartite Settlement are as under:

    1. Basic Pay:

    Clerical: Rs. 17900 - 1000/3, 1230/3, 1490/4, 1730/7, 3270/1, 1990/1, 47,920

    Sub-staff: Rs. 14500, 500/4, 615/5, 740/4, 870/3, 1000/3, 28145

    Stagnation increments: 9 increments of Rs.1,990/- each for Clerical and of Rs.1,000/- each for Sub-staff at an interval of 2 years after reaching the maximum of scale..

    2. Dearness Allowance: 0.07% per slab of 4 points over 6352 points of Index.

    3. House Rent Allowance:

    i) Uniform rate of 10.25% in all centres. When a workman employee is transferred out of the station other than on account of request, he/she may, in lieu of HRA as above, claim reimbursement of house rent upto 150% of HRA otherwise payable and subject to production of rent receipt.

    ii) When quarter is provided by the Bank: No HRA will be paid and Rent @ 0.2% of 1st stage of scale will be deducted.

    4. Graduation Pay/ Professional Qualification Pay:

    For those workmen who hereafter reach or have already reached 20th stage of the scale and have got increments in consideration of educational qualification(s), Graduation Pay/ Professional Qualification Pay shall be payable as under:

    A. Those who are graduates and/or NDC:

    Rs.625/- p.m. after they complete 1 year

    Rs.1,215/- p.m. after they complete 2 years

    B. Those who have passed JAIIB or Part I of CAIB/CAIIB:

    Rs.625/- p.m. after they complete 1 year

    C. Those who have passed JAIIB and CAIIB or Both Parts of CAIB/CAIIB:

    Rs.625/- p.m. after they complete 1 year

    Rs.1,215/- p.m. after they complete 2 years

    Rs.1,835/- p.m. after they complete 3 years

    D. Those who are graduates/NDC and have passed JAIIB or Part I of CAIB/CAIIB:

    Rs.625/- p.m. after they complete 1 year

    Rs.1,215/- p.m. after they complete 2 years

    Rs.1,835/- p.m. after they complete 3 years

    E. Those who are graduate/NDC & have passed JAIIB or Both Parts of CAIB/ CAIIB:

    Rs.625/- p.m. after they complete 1 year

    Rs.1,215/- p.m. after they complete 2 years

    Rs.1,835/- p.m. after they complete 3 years

    Rs.2,455/- p.m. after they complete 4 years

    Rs.3,045/- p.m. after they complete 5 years.

    5. Special Pay (Effective from 01.11.2017):


    Single Window Operator 'B' : Rs.1250

    Head Cashier II : Rs.1940

    Special Assistant : Rs.2920

    ii) SUB-STAFF:

    Armed Guard / Bill Collector : Rs.590

    Daftary : Rs.850

    Head Peon : Rs.1120

    Electrician / AC Plant Operator : Rs.3090

    Driver : Rs.3590

    Head Messenger in IOB : Rs.2470

    6. Fixed Personal Pay (Effective from 01.11.2017):

    Clerk: Rs.2,262 Where Bank Quarters have been provided: Rs.2,043

    Sub-staff: Rs.1,140 Where Bank Quarters have been provided: Rs.1,030

    7. Special Allowance: 16.4% for both clerical and sub-staff with DA thereon.

    8. Transport Allowance: Rs.600 for both clerical and sub-staff with DA thereon.

    9. Medical Aid (w.e.f. 01.11.2017): Rs. 2,355/- per year

    10. Washing Allowance (w.e.f. 01.11.2017): Rs. 200/- per month

    11. Cycle Allowance (w.e.f.01.11.2017): Rs.150/- per month

    12. Split Duty Allowance (w.e.f. 01.11.2017): Rs.200/- per month

    13. Project Area Compensatory Allowance:

    Group 'A' Centres Group 'B' Centres

    Clerks: Rs.290/- per month Rs. 230/- per month

    Sub-staff: Rs.230/- per month Rs.200/- per month

    14. Hill & Fuel Allowance (Effective from 01.11.2012): Clerical Sub-Staff

    a. At places situated at a height of 8% of pay 8% of pay 3000 Metres and above: (Max. Rs.2250/- p.m.) (Max. Rs.1,000/- p.m.)

    b. At places situated at a height of 4% of pay 4% of pay over 1500 Meters but below 3000 Meters: (Max. Rs. 900/- p.m.) (Max. Rs. 900/- p.m.)

    c. At places situated at a height of over 1000 3% of pay 3% of pay but less than 1500 Mtrs & Mercara Town: (Max. Rs.750/- p.m.) (Max. Rs.375/- p.m.)

    15. Compensation on Transfer:

    By Train: Non Sub-staff Sub-staff

    a. For married persons 3500 Kg. 2500 Kg.

    b. For unmarried persons 2500 Kg. 1500 Kg.

    16. Compensation for losses due to breakage or damage to goods on Transfer:

    a. On production of receipt/ statement of loss, a maximum of:

    i) Clerical Staff: Rs.1,650/- ii) Sub-Staff: Rs.1,100/-

    b. Where no receipts/statements of loss are produced, a lump-sum payment of:

    i) Clerical Staff: Rs.1,100/- ii) Sub-Staff: Rs.825/-

    Improvements in LFC (Effective from the date of settlement):


    Clerks: 2 Years Block: 2200 Kms.; 4 Years Block: 4400 Kms.

    Sub-staff: 2 Years Block: 2600 Kms.; 4 Years Block: 5200 Kms.

    i) Actual expenses incurred on journey by the entitled class by Shatabdi/Rajdhani Express trains will be reimbursed.

    ii) For employees working in North East States, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep and far-flung area branches in Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir or any other areas which are not directly connected by train shall be additionally reimbursed under LFC in addition to normal entitlement for the employees working in these areas to the nearest major Railway Station.

    The above entitlements shall also be applicable for travel on duty.

    20. Reimbursement of expenses on Road Travel: Actual Road Mileage Cost or at Rs.8/- per Km. whichever is less.

    21. Definition of family:

    22. Income to determine financial dependence revised from Rs.10,000/- p.m. to Rs.12,000/- p.m.

    23. Employer's Provident Fund Contribution: For employees who have joined the Banks under NPS, management's contribution would be at 14% of Pay and DA against 10% now.

    24. Family Pension: 30% of Basic Pension without any ceiling.

    25. Voluntary Cessation: In partial modification of Clause 33 of Settlement dated 2nd June, 2005, employees who have ceased to be in service of the Bank under voluntary cessation shall be eligible for PF, gratuity, Pension, and Leave encashment benefits, if otherwise eligible. With effect from 1st November, 2020 employees who cease to be in service under voluntary cessation, may be given an opportunity to represent to the management and the management may consider the same on merits.

    26. Redeployment: A workman in non-subordinate cadre so long as he serves in the deployed center shall draw a lump sum amount of Rs. 600/- p.m. (not ranking for any other kind of benefit). This shall cease on the employees' repatriation to the original center.

    27. Leave Rules:

    A. Sick Leave:

    i) An employee upon completion of 30 years of service shall be eligible for further additional sick leave of 3 months at the rate of one month for each year of service in excess of 30 years, subject to a maximum of 720 days in entire service.

    ii) Women employees can avail sick leave for the sickness of their children of 8 years and below subject to production of medical certificate.

    B. Maternity Leave:

    i) In case of delivery of twins: 8 months leave.

    ii) Within the overall period of 12 months, leave may also be granted in case of hysterectomy upto a maximum of 60 days. In case of employees who have availed and exhausted Maternity Leave of 12 months, leave of 15 days shall be sanctioned over and above the same, subject to production of Medical Certificate.

    iii) Leave may also be granted once during service to a childless female employee for legally adopting a child who is below one year of age, for a maximum period of nine months.

    C. Privilege Leave:

    i) Accumulation: Privilege Leave accruing to an employee shall be allowed to be accumulated beyond 240 days up to a maximum of 270 days. However, encashment of privilege leave shall be restricted up to a maximum of 240 days.

    ii) Encashment: In addition to encashment of Privilege Leave been encashed at the time of superannuation/VRS etc; from this calendar year each employee below 55 years of age can encash Privilege Leave upto 5 days per year for any one festival (7 days for those above 55 years of age).

    iii) Special Casual leave: 4 days Special Casual leave shall be granted to all physically/ orthopedically handicapped employees each year.

    iv) Paternity Leave: With effect from the 1st June 2015, male employees with upto two surviving children shall be eligible for 15 days Paternity Leave during his wife's confinement. This leave may be combined with any other kind of leave except Casual Leave. The leave may be availed upto 15 days before or upto 6 months from the date of delivery of the child. Paternity Leave shall also be allowed to employees with upto two surviving children for legally adopting a child who is below one year of age.

    28. Disciplinary Action and Procedure Thereof: From the date of this Settlement, the following modifications have been incorporated to BPS dated 10.04.2002:

    a) Clause 5(j), from the date of this Settlement, shall read as:- Doing any act of gross negligence or negligence involving or likely to involve the bank in serious loss.

    b) New clause 7(q) shall be added as:- Doing any act prejudicial to the interest of the bank.

    c) Clause 12(d) - the following shall be added:-

    If the representative defending the employee is an employee of the same bank at an outstation branch situated outside the State, on a case to case basis as may be decided by the Bank, he shall be relieved on special leave (on full pay and allowances) to represent the employee and shall be paid one return fare.

    d) Clause 6(e) shall read as:-

    Be brought down to a lower stage in the scale of pay upto a maximum of 2 stages and for a maximum period of two years.

    Note: This punishment shall be non-cumulative and annual increment(s)/Stagnation Increment (s) falling during the period of punishment shall be released on the respective due date(s).

    e) Clause 6(i) i.e. the punishment of 'be fined' shall be deleted.

    f) Clause 6(f) shall read as: Have his increment/s stopped with or without cumulative effect.

    Note: Specific period of rigour shall be mentioned.

    g) The following shall be added as Clause 7(r): Misconducts covered under Clause 7(a) to

    (q) shall not be made out as 'gross misconduct' under Clause 5.

    h) An employee placed under suspension pending disciplinary action shall be given an opportunity to represent to the management to reconsider the order of suspension.

    i) An employee who has been awarded the punishment of dismissal, compulsory discharge or removal from service by the Disciplinary Authority and subsequently where the punishment is confirmed by the Appellate Authority, shall be given an opportunity to seek reconsideration by an authority higher than the Appellate Authority.

    j) If multiple charges as per procedural lapses are made out, then the punishment given in such cases shall be one.

    k) Disciplinary authority shall have the discretion to decide whether the punishment will affect the superannuation benefits of the employee or not, in case where the punishment is affecting the superannuation benefits. Contents Highlights