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Income TaxIncome Tax Rates - Slabs ✤ Income Tax Calculator ✤ Income from House Property - provisions and computation / Calculate Perquisite Value of Leased Accommodation ✤ Concessional or Interest Free Loan ✤ Tax Saving under RGESS (Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme) ✤ Tax Planning /Know How Parents May Reduce Tax Liability /Calculate - TDS. Advance Tax, Capital Gain & Service Tax ✤ Vote-on-Account ✤ Gift Tax Act - Rules
Banker's / Pensioner Corner & Terminal Dues Calculation ToolsNPS Scheme Features & Fillable Forms ✤ Bankers / Pensioner DA Payable and Expected DA Calculator ✤ Pension Scheme & Calculations of Gratuity - Basic Pension - Commutation Amount- Monthly Pension ✤ Salary Calculator of Officers (scale 1 to VIII) - Clerical - Subordinate - Salary on Appointment in Banks ✤ Loan EMI comparison ✤ List of State Wise Bank Holidays ✤ Salient Feature of Birpartite Settlements ✤ FPP-PQP Scale/Settlement Wise ✤ Calculate HRA 150% on Capital Cost / Rent Receipt
Fillable / Editable FormsRTGS-NEFT / Pay in Slip / NPS / PPF / Post Office/ RTO / PAN /Aaadhar / Insurance Medical Bill Calim Form of Different TPA's etc.
CalculatorsNumber of Useful Calculators and widgets
Sukanya Samridhi
PPF Calculator - Maturity Value for 15-40 years, Withdrawal Amount Calculation, Interest Calculation with monthwise display of applicable rates ✤ Scheme Features
Sukanya Samridhi Yojana (SSY) - SSY Calculator Year Wise Interest | Balance ✤ Scheme Features
NPSScheme Features / Income Tax Rules / Tax Calculation steps ✤ NPS Calculator for Employees Covered under NPS (Bank/Central-State Govt- PSU) ✤ NPS Calculator - All citizens Model ✤ NPS Withdrawal Form in Fillable Format ✤ NPS Partial Withdrawal Norms / Limit
Central / State Govt. Employees Retirement / Death Gratuity Calculator ✤ Employees Pension/Family - Pension Commutation Calculator ✤ Expected DA Calculator
Learning Three forms of Verbs & Understand Verbs - Helping Verbs - Linking verbs - Irregular Verbs ✤ One Word Substitution ✤ Similar Pronunciation Words (Confusing Words) ✤ Prepositions ✤ Microsoft Excel - Shortcut Keys, Control (CTRL ^ ), Function Keys (F1 - F12) / Observances Dates World Days - International Days -The National Days ✤ Language and Currencies of 194 Countries
Investment PPF Scheme & PPF Calculators ✤ NPS Scheme Features & Calcultor ✤ Fixed Deposit / Recurring Deposit Mtuirty Value ✤ Flexi Deposit Calculator ✤ Mutual Fund - Glossary ✤ NSE - BSE - Nifty Bank Date Wise ✤ Loan EMI - Repayment Details - Compare Two Loans
HealthHome Remedies for Common Ailments and Vitamins & Minerals Food Sources ✤ Depression ✤ Asthma ✤ Joint Dislocation ✤ Fracture ✤ Heart Attack ✤ Neck ✤ Spine Injury ✤ Eye Injury ✤ Bleeding ✤ Chemical Burn
SpouseUnderstand Your Spouse to make your family a Happy Family
Rituals and Routines Introduction and Why follow them ?
English Letter Writing Tips Sentences to help you to present your right idea in the right words for official and common social occasion letters
Cash Tally CheckerOn every your inputs of currency denominations it shows amount of cash balance. It calculates the closing balance as well as The Cash Tally position of your physical cash balance / difference of cash, if any, on providing inputs of your Days's Opening Balance, Receipts & Payments of the day.
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