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11thBPS Expected Basic Pay & Salary Calculator
  • FPP-PQP Scale/Settlement Wise, Calculate HRA 150% on Capital Cost of House/Flat & Rent Receipt

    Salary Calculator of Bank Employees Clerical, Subordinate & Officer Scale I to VII Cadres

    Salary Calculator - Select / Change
    Calculate Expected Revised Basic Pay & Arrear on the basis of your Inputs/Expectations under 11th BPSScale - I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII
    Non-Sub  & Sub Staff

    Salary Calculator Workmen : Non-Subordinate (Clerical)
    Nov'19 - Jan'20

    My Basic Pay
    My HRA (%)
    My Tpt. Allow.
    My PQP
    My Special Pay.
    MY FPP
    MY DA
    My HRA
    Special Allowance
    My Gross Salary

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