Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50

Challan ITNS 280 Fillable PDF (Taxpayers Counterfoil, totals and amount in words will be auto filled)

Challan form for payment of Income Tax on Companies, (Corporation Tax) and Income Tax Other than Companies (means it is applicable for salaried employees) in Fillable / Editable pdf and excel Format

Taxpayers Counterfoil that are auto filled - PAN, Received from (Name), Cheque No, Bank Name, Amount etc.

The form provided is compiled in Fillable / Editable format by is available for free download on the following terms and conditions. This will facilitates you to takeout the computerized filled printout for your onward submission.

(1) In order to make filling of your Cash deposit slip or say pay in slip more conveniently the fillable form is created with feature of auto cash denominations totals, grand total and amount in words to avoid cutting / overwriting / mistakes of manual fillings.

(2) Like wise above the pay in slip for deposit of Cheques / Drafts is also made fillable with auto fillups of counter foil, totals of amount of cheques.

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