Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50

Calculate Benefits of additional contribution to current EMI in total Interest Payment in your loan account & Reduction of Period of your Debt and know tips how this can be achieved

Tips to be Debt free early (क़र्ज़ मुक्त होने के मंत्र)

  1. Increase your EMI on yearly basis at least by Rs. 100/- (or any more amount). The following calculator will display the effect on Reduction in payment of Loan Interest and Loan Period in months by your additional increase in EMI.
  2. Pay yearly Extra one EMI in a year - it will not only reduce your loan amount but will big amount in interest payment and will make your debt free(क़र्ज़ मुक्त) much earlier in number of months form the total loan term.
  3. Pay some amount in addition to EMI from your additional earnings like bonus or arrear if any received at any time.

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Debt Free (कर्ज मुक्त) Calculator helps to calculate benefits of an addtional monthly contribution to Loan EMI

*Calculations are provided for loan period remaining upto 50 year. Therefore, please ensure that Current Payoff Term & Revised Payoff Term is not above 600 months (i.e.50 years) means you have not entered EMI correctly

A case study is placed below to understand the benefits of use of calculator :

The benefits of additional EMI can be seen by following case study where additional contribution of Rs.400/- saves Rs. 128993/- in the remaining period of loan in total interest payment and moreover here the person becomes debt free (क़र्ज़ मुक्त) before 10 months earlier : Contents Highlights