Grandfathering Pr.1-3 Cr By Age 50
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Basic Pension, Commutation Amount and Family Pension Calculator for Central Government Employees after 7th Pay Commission Implementation (Applicable to civil employees and post-2016 pensioners)

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The retirement age be entered in case of pension on superannuation age of retirement (e.g. 60 years age of retirement enter age 60) and in case of vountary retirement the completed year of age be entered for penion calculation.

Last Emoluments reckoned for pension

The basic pay as defined in FR 9 (21) (a) (i) is reckoned as emoluments for pension. However, Non- Practicing Allowance granted to Medical Officers is also included in emoluments.

Minimum and maximum pension after Seventh CPC

The pension shall not be less than Rs.9000/- (excluding the element of additional pension to old pensioners) and shall not be more than 50% of the highest pay in Government i.e Rs 1,25,000/- w.e.f. 01.01.2016.

Commutation of pension

A pensioner can opt to commute up to 40% of the pension admissible at the time of retirement.

Restoration of commuted portion of pension

The 15-year period for restoration may be reckoned from the date of retirement itself only in case where the payment of commuted value of pension was/is made during the first month of retirement leading to appropriate reduction on account of commutation in the first pension itself. In all other cases, where the commutation of pension led/leads to a reduction in the second or subsequent month, the 15-year period will be reckoned from the date on which reduction in pension became/becomes effective.

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