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Deposit Calculator - With Ultimate Unique Features

In JUST ONE click view as many as you like the number of Maturity Values of Incremental Interest Rates or Period or Both

This calculator is very useful for vigilant investors in planning investment with comaprision of available various rates of deposits on different period of deposits.

This calculator displays calculated Maturity Values of Deposit Amount in tabular form on the basis of your desired Incremental Rate of Interest and time period of deposit. This calculator is also featured with to display side by side the Income Tax on Interest amount on the basis of taxable Income Range selected at point 7 (including the interest on deposit displayed in the table).

Click here to show - How to check Maturity Values at different - interest rates or periods or both at a time in number of rows of your choice

To check maturity value of your deposit amount at 8%, 8.25%, 8.50%, 8.75%, 9% ... enter 8 at point 3 and 0.25 at column 5. Like wise you can check maturity values at different time period e.g. to start to check period of deposit from one year enter 12 (period be entered in months) at column 2 and to view maturity value after gap of three months enter 3 at column 6 or to check maturity value after a gap of one year enter 12 at column 6. Default number of rows selected 2 at column 8, you may change it

We wish you Enjoy Happy Calculating and Investing!!

*Functionality to add rows will not work in case values for Incremental Interest Rate or Incremental Period of deposit is '0'.

On submit your details - a table will auto display here containing Maturity Value of your deposit amount at different period of time or at incremental rate of interest or both, as per your inputs entered at point 5 & 6. Income Tax + E.Cess amount is calculated as per Taxable Income Range selected at point 7 (Please note that the interest shown below is taken into account as income in your selected income range for the purpose of tax calculations, therefore, users are advised to provide the taxable income range accordingly. Contents Highlights