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  • FPP-PQP Scale/Settlement Wise, Calculate HRA 150% on Capital Cost of House/Flat & Rent Receipt

    Calculate Basic Pension, Pension Payable, Commutation Amount

    PSU bank employees / officers Monthly Pension & Tax Calculations after Standard Deductions of Rs. 40000/- (for FY 17-18)

    To know revised pay v/s pre-revised pay -

    For Calculation of Pension / Commutation on Revised Pay

    Enter Your Salary Drawn Details for the last ten Months of Retirement/VRS in below table. As regards to FPP/PQP only Increment Component of FPP/PQP be filled .i.e. amount ranked for PF deductions.

    In case of Officrs cadre amount of officiating, if any paid to them is not to be entered here.

    Shortcut Steps - In case you have drawn same Basic/FPP/PQP/SA for the last 10 months - you may enter pay components in one row by multiplying it by 10( i.e. for BPay 14500 x 10 = 145000 ) in Table No. 1 and in same way enter your details in one row of revised pay in table No. 2.

  • Enter Below Your Salary Details

    Click Here to view IBA circular letter No.C1R/HR&IR/SKK/2017-18/4439 dated 01.02.2018 - Regarding Additional Notional Service Under Regulation, 26 of Bank Employees Pension Regulations, 1995 and you may calculate your DA here w.e.f. 01.11.2007