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Calculate Expected tentative amount of Basic Pension, Pension, Pension Arrear Payable or Recoverable & Commutation Amount Payable on Salary Revision of Bank Pensioners Retired after 01.11.17

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Expected Salary & Arrears Calculation on Salary Revision

Assumtions* of percentage of increase in pay for calculation of expected tentative amount of Revised Salary, Basic Pension, Monthly Pension and Commutation amount

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Please refer a few data placed hereunder in tabular format of percentage of Basic Pay increased officers scale wise / workmen (Non-sub & Sub) at time of 10th BPS Salary Revision from 9th BPS. It shows that there was more than 63% increase in basic pay. Accordingly, for calculation purpose of expected pension and commutation payable it is assumed that mimimum of 65% (for default calculations purposes, users may change this percentage of increase) of increase in Basic Pay will get after salary revision at the stage of pay scale one reaches on retirement.

The result of expeted pension on default selected 65 perecentage of increase may show that it is not adequate to protect reduction of exiting monthly pension what the pensioners (retired on after 01.11.17) are recieving presently. Please note that the pensioners retired on after 01.11.17 will get difference of commutation amount. The pensioners by entering any % against the defulat 65 can calculate what percentage of increase in pay will protect reduction from their existing monthly pension

The pensioners here can calculate their expected revised pension & commutation amount. The users by entering existing pension payable and commutation amount already recieved may calculate arrear of expected commutation and impact on monthly pension amount on the basis of their inputs and percentage of expected increase entered.

Basic Pay
9th BPS
from Nov'07
Basic Pay
10th BPS
from Nov'12
% Increase
Scale 1
BP after 2 Stag.Inc.
Scale 2
BP after 2 Stag.Inc.
Scale 3
BP after 2 Stag.Inc.
Scale 4
At maximum of pay scales
Scale 5
At maximum of pay scales
Scale 6
At maximum of pay scales
Scale 7
At maximum of pay scales
Non Sub
BP after 2 Stag.Inc.
BP after 2 Stag.Inc.

Basic Pay of Officers scale I to VII in term of pay revision w.e.f. 01.11.2012
Basic Pay of Non-Subordinate Staff as per 10 BPS w.e.f. 01.11.2012
Basic Pay of Subordinate Staff as per 10 BPS w.e.f. 01.11.2012

Enter your month of retirement and the salary drawn (average of last ten months). Increment Component of FPP,PQP, workmen's Special pay & Officiating Allowance be taken as part of salary here (i.e. the amount ranked for PF deductions)

Enter Salary For the purpose of Pension Calculation
1Click To Enter Details - VRS Optee / Retired Service less than 33 yrs.
1(a)Completed Years of Service (default 33 entered)
(Change it with your years of service - e.g. 26yr 7mths=27 yrs & in case of VRS 27 + remaining year of service max of 5 yrs be added, in case service remaining 7 year, service for pension = 27+5 = 32 yrs)
1(b)Retirement on Superannuation (default age 60 entered)
/ Change it in case of VRS
2Enter Salary Drawn
[Basic Pay +PQP+FPP*+Spl Pay (workmen)]
Enter FPP
Enter PQP
Enter Special Pay
Enter Officiating Allowance
Total of Pay
Expected Revised Salary
Revised FPP
Revised PQP
Revised Special Pay
Revised Officiating Allowance
3Expected % of Increase in Pay
Default taken here as 65. Change it to check what mimimum % of pay increase will protect monthly pension reduction
View Assumption
Expected Salary & Arrears Calculators
  • Click Here To view Pay Scales & Stagnation Increments of Officers scale wise in terms of Joint Noted Dated 25.05.2015
  • Click Here To view Pay Scales & Stagnation Increments of workmen staff in terms of 10th Pay Revision
  • Expected tentative amount of Basic Pension, Pension & Commutation Amount Payable

    4Expected Revised Salary
    5 Basic Pension
    6Commutation of 1/3 of Basic Pay
    7Basic Pension After 1/3 Commutation
    8Revised Commutation Amount Payable
    DA Payable Revised Rate
    9Pension Payable
    As per DA Payable w.e.f. Aug'20

    Retired after 01.11.2017 - Calculate Your Imapct on Monthly Pension & Commutation Payable

    10Enter Existing Monthly Pension
    Calcutate Monthwise Pension Drawn
    11Enter Commutation Amount Recieved
    Calcuate Basic Pension/Commutation
    12Difference of Pension on Expected Revision of Pay*
    13Difference of Commutation Amount on Expected Revision of Pay

    * minus sign in red fonts represnts - monthly pension reduction by this amount

    Calculate Pension Arrear Payable or Recoverable ▼ ▲

    Enter month of your Retirement to calcuate the arrears (+/-) for the period pension drawn after retirement.
    Click button "Calculate-Arrears". On the basis of your inputs at column 1 & 3 your presently drawing basic pension at column "A" and monthwise already pension recieved, expected pensoin to be recieved with arrears payable / recoverable will be displayed.
    Please note :- If there is difference with your basic pension presently fixed by your bank, please click "Back" button and enter correct inputs at column 1 & 3.
    Enter Your Month of Retirement
    AYour current basic Pension
    BYour Basic Pension after commutation
    IMPORTANT - If you notice there is a differecne the amount calculated in above Columns "A" & "B" with the actual amount approved by your bank. It represents that the details entered in columns 1 & 3 might not be correct. To get correct calculations of actual pension drawing since from your retirement in below arrears calculations, you may update the correct amount in columns "C" & "D" or enter correct details in column 1 & 3. Please note that the expected revised pension will remain be calculated on the basis of the details entered at columns 1 & 3.
    CBasic Pension Calculated by your Bank
    DBasic Pension after Commutation Calculated by your Bank

    Users are requested to write us for correction of errors / omissions in calculations, if any, noticed. The calculations provided here will be amended on an ongoing basis to remove errors noticed by us / advised by the users or to incorporate changes as regards to any development in wage / salary revision comes or to make it more user friendly. Please keep on visitng to remain in touch with the updates of calculations provided here.

    Please note - Computation provided here are only indicative of tentative expected amount of revised pay / pension / commutation are based on assumptions and website does not claim that the calculations and the results displayed are correct, complete and up-to-date.

    Scale/CadrePrerevised Post Revised
    Select / Cahnge Scale
    Scale 11 Contents Highlights

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