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Calculate Expected Salary & Arrear on Revision of Salary for Officer Scale 1

When salary of bank employees revision takes place ?

Salary revision in public sector banks takes place in every five years.

From When bank employee's salary revision is due to be revised ?

Bank Employees salary revision is due from November 1, 2017.

What results this calculator displays?

It displays monthwise expected revised Basic Pay, Gross Salary from Nov'17 and expected amount of arrear payable on the basis of your inputs with salary paid to you from from Nov'97.

Calculate your expected tentatively amount of Revised Basic Pay, Salary and Arrear on salary revision w.e.f. Nov'17 on the basis of following assumptions.

  1. Revised Basic Pay is calculated here with merger of DA at 6352 points and default load of 9.2% (user of this calculator can change it) on Basic pay to come across gross increase of 12% on pay after DA merger which you can change as per your expectations / assumptions or any information of further talks taking place ahead in coming days.
  2. The default DA caluclations is selected 7% on DA Slabs after merger at 6352 points (existing rate of DA calculations @ 10% of total number of DA slabs). You may change it to options provided hereunder. HRA & Special Allowance rate is kept same. The CCA rate (in case of Officers) the maximum limt at 3% and 4% is assumed as Rs. 1000/- and 1300/- respectively.
  3. For the purpose of calculation of tentative or projected amount of salary and arrear FPP and PQP not kept same but taken here with increase of Rs. 500/- over and above the existing amount.
Expected Salary-Arrear Calculators are
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WorkmenClericalSubordinate Staff
Officer Scale I
Calculate Salary / Arrear From
If Retired / Left job / promoted to higher scale during Nov'17 to Mar'20, Select Arrear Calculation Upto the Month from Nov'17

Your Expected Percentage of DA Factor & Increase in Basic Pay after merger of DA at 6352 points

Default Expected Percentage of Increase entered 9.2% (user of this calculator can change it) on Basic Pay to calculate 12% increase after merger of DA at 6352 points and special pay as being paid earlier, you may change it
Select Expected DA factor payable. Default selected 7%. (DA Factor payable under 10BPS is 10% of Pay)

Enter Your Salary Details

1Enter Your Basic Pay As on Nov 2017
2Select Month Annual Increment/Stagnation Payable after Nov'17
(If BP 47260 or above, Select Stag Inc. Due Month)
3Select % of HRA Payable as per your City / Cadre
4Select CCA % Payable at your area of posting
5Select FPP Drawing / PF Dedcution and Month w.e.f. FPP Payable
6Select Your scale for calculation of Special Allowance
(Default Selected scale 1 to III
7Select Covered Under PF/NPS
3aAnnual Increment abStage of Increment abPF on prerevised fpp 1fpp revised 1fpp pf revised 1increment month selected
(Amount of Increment)

Click Here to Enter PQP Details

Enter PQP amount w.e.f the month paid (e.g. if drawing from Dec-17 only enter amount in Dec 17, and if again revised in Dec 18 enter revised amount in Dec 18 (i.e.) of PQP 2
PQP 1= 670 PQP 2 = 1680

Scroll down to view calculations. It is recommended to view horizonatally in mobile to view all calculations properly.

Please note - Computation provided hereunder are only indicative of tentative expected amount of revised pay / arrear based on assumptions and website does not claim that the calculations and the results displayed are correct, complete and up-to-date.

Summary of Expected Arrear Calculation

(1) Gross Expected Arrear
(Pre-revised Salary column 10 - Expected Revised Salary Column 10)
(2) PF / NPS Deductions
(Pre-revised Salary column 11 - Expected Revised Salary Column 11)
(3) Expected Arrear Payable (1-2)

Users are requested to write us for correction of errors / omissions in calculations, if any, noticed. The calculations provided here will be amended on an ongoing basis to remove errors noticed by us / advised by the users or to incorporate changes as regards to any development in wage / salary revision take place or to make it more user friendly.