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PSU Bank Pensioner Expected DA Calculator
From Feb'19 to Jul'19 - Updated on 30.11.2018

New - Pension amount of Bank Retiree after Nov'12 with & without Spl. Allow. if it would have been Part of Pay for Pension Calculations

Please note - The pensioner's DA that would become payable for the period from Feb'19 to Jul'19 will be computed on the basis of CPI to be released for the month of July'18 to Dec'18. (i.e. Bank Pensioner's DA slabs that would become payable in Nov'18 + the DA would become payable in Feb'19)

Pensioner Expected DA Calculator upated on 30.11.2018, on release of CPI for the month of Oct'18 as 6893.42

On 30.11.2018 Govt announced CPI data for the month of Oct'18. There is one point increase in CPI Index declared for this month. On the basis of CPI data available for the months of July'18 and Oct'18, We are providing calculations of expected DA on following three assumption in three calculators as under (however it is still too early to have a CPI data to be released in coming months and the actual inflation we will have to face due to regular rise in fuel prices ):-

We are providing calculations of expected DA on the basis of three assumption in three calculators as under :-

1. In case no Change in CPI in from Nov'18 & Dec'18 as declared for the month of Oct'18, in that situation there will be an increase of 72 slabs

2. In case one point decrease of CPI in Nov'18 and No cahnge in Dec'18, in that situation there will be an increase of 69 slabs

3. Keeping in view of fall in fuel pricces in the month of Nov'18 and it will have also effect on the compnonents that are included in computation of CPI index, we assume that there would be fall in CPI by 2 points in Nov'18 and assume that there would be no change in CPI of Dec'18 (however on going to market we all are observing that there is no reduction came in the prices of the our daily use necessary items.), in that situation there will be an increase of 65 slabs payable from Feb'19

Pensioner's Expected DA Calculator
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We will recalculate expected DA at the end all coming months on release of CPI data and on assumptions of CPI data for the remaining months.

However we agree that it is too early to say the tentative figures of CPI Index for the remaining months but keeping in view of the recent rise in price of fuel and other items, we assume that at least there would be an increase of two points in CPI data for the May-18.

Disclaimer : This website do not claim its calculation of payable DA / expected DA slabs that would may become payable is full and final. As we do calculations on the basis of available CPI data for DA payable(may vary of one slabs on official announcement of IBA due to rounding of fraction of points). The expected DA is computed on some assumptions of CPI for coming months. The users are requested to please do inform in case he/she has noticed any error or updation of the official announcements of CPI index, for the correction & updation at this website. We shall welcome your feedback in the matter.